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37+ Week Pregnancy Update: Preparing for the Natural Birthing Center, DIY “Padsicles ,” + More!

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36-weeks pregnant with baby Daniel!

I know. I can’t believe it either. I’m about 37.5 weeks pregnant with baby number 7, Daniel Joel. This pregnancy has been wonderful overall. I shared in the 7th Baby Gender & Name Announcement video and post that I’ve felt fantastic while doing Trim Healthy Mama for this pregnancy.

However, since this pregnancy is almost over I’m feeling fairly overcooked at the moment. In honor of my over-cooked-ness here are a few 3rd trimester realities and confessions below. 😉

A few 3rd trimester realities and confessions: 

Trim Healthy Mama

 Non-Trim Healthy Mama treat I’m growing baby Daniel on.

I’m only on Trim Healthy Mama about 1/3-1/2 the time during this last trimester. For example, I had planned approved fruit for breakfast this morning. Then for lunch my husband brought me corn dogs, processed cheese, and a Ginger Ale. Don’t get me wrong, there are days that I do well and make something like THM Pizza Casserole for the family for dinner. 

But there are days I crave cereal and peanut butter like a wild woman. And on Monday nights when Travis and I teach Financial Peace University I’ll have him stop and get me a chocolate eclair at 7-11.

It may not be pretty, but it’s the truth. 😉

 Typical Trim Healthy Mama grocery items.

I lost 20 .lbs using and loving Trim Healthy Mama right before this pregnancy. I’ve only gained around the same 20 .lbs while pregnant. I’m hopeful that after a few weeks of marathon nursing, and getting fully back on the THM plan, I’ll be able to continue weight loss at a slow and steady pace.

My “Jamerrill, go lay down” pain

I hurt most of the day at this point. It seems I can’t get too comfortable before I have to change position.

Don’t get me wrong –  I love being pregnant. This is not our last baby, Lord willing. Just being 100% real about what I’m dealing with.

Since I run a full-time online business from home I usually have a few hours a day that I have to sit and work. This has proven difficult because the muscles in my hips and back give me a fit. On my work days, I find myself being able to sit up and work in bed for about an hour, and then having to lie down for an hour. This means everything work-related takes me twice as long. My husband of course picks up many loose ends during my working times and beyond at this point.

Gee, do I sound like a pregnant woman?

The oddest muscle pain that heckles me if I don’t have good support feels like a knife going through my mid-back and wrapping around to my abdomen. That’s my “Jamerrill, go lie down,” pain.

 My motorized buggy that gave up the ghost at Walmart

Using the Motorized Buggy at Large Stores (oh yes, I do!)

I usually push myself and attempt to walk as much as possible, pregnant or not. Apparently, nearing the end of this pregnancy this is not the case. Travis saw the state of my pain-level last month after we tackled our once-a-month grocery shopping and insists that I now take a motorized buggy any time I have to go into a big store.

I feel like I get a lot of stares as a short blond momma, zipping through the aisles. Even had one store employee ask me the nature of my injury (um, did you not see me practically crawl in here on my hands and knees?), but overall it has made shopping a lot easier on me. (Except last week when I was in Walmart the day before a forecast snowstorm, and two days before Thanksgiving, and my cart died on me at the back of the store…that’s another story.)

 Liam Joesph helping his big-belly-momma put on her socks.

Preparing for the Natural Birthing Center

I’ve shared that this pregnancy I’m going to a local natural birthing center to have baby Daniel via water birth. Some have asked me why the switch. Honestly, it just feels like the right thing to do. Travis is not ready, and may never be ready, for me to have a home birth. The birthing center is a happy middle ground. The rooms are larger and more home-like. With our growing family size, my last two births have left me feeling very alone at the hospital. Now the baby and I will get to come home just a few hours after he’s born. I’m excited about this change.

To prepare I’ve purchased several heating pads to hopefully replace the wonderful heat of the heated blankets that I love at the hospital. I’ve also stocked up on Witch Hazel, Tucks Pads, and Dermoplast Pain Relieving Spray. I bought the largest case of feminine pads at Costco, along with several new flannel PJ sets because I’m all about nursing comfort!

 Liam and I working on our bacon wrapped turkey at Thanksgiving. I look like I have a bacon wrapped turkey in my belly!

If you can’t see the Facebook post below, I asked “From your experience what are ‘must have’ items that I should have on-hand during my week or two of resting (and marathon nursing ) in bed?” and mentioned how this is the first time I’m going through a natural birthing center. Several moms mentioned making my own DIY “Padsicles” (frozen pads).

From my hospital experiences, I always received a 2-3 day supply of ice-pack pads. It was always so sad when they ran out!

As you’ll see in the Facebook post below these moms share recipes and links that you may find helpful. Click on the comments section to read their thoughts.

I modified the {DIY} Padsicles, the must-have postpartum item that I found here and simply used Witch Hazel and water. I told the kids to pay no attention to what mommy has in the freezer. 😉

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