A Homeschool Mother’s Miracles Come in CANs + Free Printables

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Homeschool Mother's Miracles

I’m a big Joyce Meyer fan. I’ve listened to her ever since I was 18 years old – that’s 15-years.  I listen to Joyce’s online broadcasts as I get Free Homeschool Deals ready to deal sling every morning. Yesterday, Joyce talked about how miracles come in cans.  She said she can clean her car, and she can choose the right food to eat, and she can spend time in prayer. Of course for me this all translates over to being a homeschooling mom, and I thought of my readers too.

Sometimes it just helps to say what we CAN do. Faith-filled words release perseverance in my experience. Many times the miracles that we’re waiting for are hidden within our CANs. And if we can’t accomplish all of our CANs, at least we have goals that we’re shooting toward…and we’ll get there, in Christ’s strength.

A Homeschool Mother’s Miracles Come in CANs. You can download your free copy below.  A Homeschool Mother's Miracles Come in CANs

 Because I know we all have a need to make things personal, here’s a CAN list for you to fill in if you wish.

A Homeschool Mother's Miracles Come in CANs


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