A Week In The Life Of Our Homeschool | November 2010

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Jadin’s Artwork
A watercolor of one of our cats, “Darth Vader.”
Watercolor of a cat-nine-tail
Pencil sketch of Jadin’s “Grandbuddy.”
Jadin and Naomi painting together : )


Gabriel “helping” Jadin complete his math.


This week Gabriel has been breathless to do his school!  When the boys sit down to complete their spelling test, Gabriel will squeal “school, school!”  He’ll run to his booster seat and pull on it until I pick him up and sit him down with HIS OWN paper and crayons.  Several times this week when this occurred he sat for at least 30 minutes.  I would never require a 18-month-old to do this, but just try to stop him!  I guess he’ll be an easy one to homeschool : )


Naomi accomplished a lot in her preschool lessons this week.
Gabriel meets cool-whip lid, yummy!
Gabriel and Mommy
Jadin and Naomi eating up what was left of their chocolate cream pies, yum!

The kids accomplished a great deal school Monday-Wednesday.  Zion and Jadin completed several sections in their A&P and Character Lapbooks.  They completed 3 days of spelling test, several math, reading and writing assignments.  Then we all got to enjoy a 4 day weekend with daddy.  I hadn’t realized until recently that I haven’t cooked a full Thanksgiving in, oh I don’t know, maybe 8 years or so?!  It was time to do our own for a change.  Zion helped peel and mash homemade mashed potatoes.  Both boys worked together and made 3 chocolate cream pies.  Naomi helped make deviled eggs.  It was a lot of fun!  Jadin and daddy have been working on projects around the yard and target shooting.  I didn’t have a lot of Thanksgiving activities planned out other than enjoy one another and the time off. Saturday we were able to go to another Thanksgiving at their Grandma and Grandpa’s w/ 6 cousins.

There is no “Weekly Wrap UP” this week, however, I didn’t want to get behind since I had a minute to upload pictures.  Hope you had a very blessed Thanksgiving with your family!

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