Beachschooling At Buckroe Beach

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We’ve been on the road this week “Beachschooling,” which would explain this late post and lack there of. Smile

~ Beachschooling ~
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This week we hit our favorite beach in Hampton, Va—Buckroe Beach.  It’s fairly unknown.  Most locals snub it for Va Beach or the Outter Banks.  Most out-of-towners are unaware of this treasure. 
For us this means that even in summer we can hit the waves without the commercialism, crowds and worldliness of the larger beaches and boardwalks. 
We stayed at a classic and clean “Mom and Pop” hotel, also the only hotel at this beach.  Buckroe Beach also features a fenced in playground, several piers and walkways as well.
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Sweet Liam’s first beach trip!
jamerrill's phone 097
Gabriel pointing out the Seagulls that he referred to as “Chickens.” 
You can tell he’s a country boy!
jamerrill's phone 177
The brothers three.
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 A few snap shots of the little hotel where we stayed.  It had a very nice pool too! Smile

This is our very late “Weekly Wrap-up!”  Please check out other more timely homeschoolers updates here!

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