Birthing Our Dreams and Visions for Jesus ~

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Do you have a dream or vision that you feel like you’re birthing?  Meaning, you’ve got a BIG one and you’ve gotta P-U-U-U-S-H?!
On January 1, 2011 we started our New Year with our new baby, Liam. Talk about a big one, baby number five was just a few ounces shy of 10 pounds.  Along with sweet Liam’s birth, the Lord birthed a desire in me.  For countless years I’ve wanted to write.  Writing has been  something I would do…one day.  But when Liam was born I literally felt compelled to write.
  The Holy Spirit birthed in my heart a passion that now is the time, and now is the season, for me to dive into this dream.
I knew what to do with the new baby.  Breastfeeding on demand, co-sleeping, wearing the Moby wrap or Ergo carrier, this wasn’t my first rodeo.  However, what about writing?  Within weeks the Lord started opening up doors.  I was excited and scared.  I prayed “Lord, please help me find my voice.  Help me get out everything that is on my heart for You.”
laptop typing by sisterlisa, on Pix-O-Sphere
It’s a daily process of faith to write.  I feel completely inadequate, yet totally energized and anointed at the same time. In just six months time the Lord has opened the door for me to be on the writing team of several online publications, contribute to a few magazines, and guest posts for other websites.  All that to say, God is doing something.
Pray for me friends, pray for my direction and that I only follow the One who makes all things new.
This brings me to, what is Holy Spirit-led Homeschooling?  This website started as a family blog in 2008.  We were traveling full-time with my husband’s job.  It was like a wonderful year long vacation.  I started this site for friends and family to keep up with our travels. {Obviously, this was pre-Facebook.}
Now that more people are visiting me here I’m getting asked “O.K., so what is Holy Spirit-led Homeschooling?”  Let me say that this site, and it’s title, have just as much to do with the Holy Spirit Homeschooling *ME,* as it does with our family actually homeschooling our children.   It seems like every day the Lord exposes some area that I need refined in, and everyday I’m saying “Help me Jesus, Help me Jesus, Help me Jesus.”
My heart is not to uplift myself, brag about my family or say I’m better than anyone. {Because, sadly, I get those comments too}.  Friends, I’m the first to say that I am a mess and I don’t have it all together. What I can offer you is Jesus Christ. He hasn’t given up on me, and he surely hasn’t given up on YOU. I cannot wait for the day to be face-to-face with Him–won’t that be amazing? My heart is to touch the world, in whatever way that the Lord would allow me, from my old farmhouse kitchen.
So there, I just shared a chunk of what God is doing inside of me, as I’m walking with Him.  What is God doing inside of you?  What is inside of you that you feel it’s almost time to birth?  Feel free to leave your response in the comments.
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