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Cleaning Schedule for Homeschool Families

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I’ve had sweet conversations lately with moms who are trying to figure out a cleaning schedule for when they “officially” start homeschooling.

This naturally leads to questions of how I find time to clean my house and homeschool; especially after my post about Age Specific Chore List for Children Ages 1-12.

cleaning schedules for homeschool families

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We aren’t slaves to our home; but caring for our house is something we’ve always done as a family. I believe that children should be trained in responsibilities (chores included) from the get-go.

For our first years of homeschooling we cleaned in the mornings after breakfast.  This worked just fine when I only had 2 or 3 smallish children. 

Life changed.

We were blessed with two more sweet little boys in under two years.


You can see in our homeschool life schedule we now have an hour in the afternoons for focused cleaning.  I read several posts last year, inspired by Kim Brenneman’s book Large Family Logistics, that encouraged afternoon cleaning. It sounded crazy to me at first, but we gave it try.  For our family it has worked fantastic. Since we’ve moved our heavy cleaning to the afternoons we’re able to start homeschool after breakfast and devotions, when our energy is fresh.  We usually have our family school work time completed by lunchtime.  This affords us several hours for our read aloud time, projects, or independent learning.


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I created a daily family cleaning schedule after switching to an afternoon cleaning time last year.  Before you look at it, let me add there are also days where we romp with friends in the sunshine, or roadschooling to various places. And we certainly have seasons where our homeschool goes on survival mode, or I honestly don’t know where to begin. In those times we do what we can do.  We put one foot in-front of the other.  And we sing “just keep swimming” with Dori from Finding Nemo.

Our Daily Family Cleaning Schedule

Here is the download of our Daily Family Cleaning Schedule, if you’d like to look at it closer. You’ll notice that each member of our family has a daily Responsibility Focus of a particular task.  The three tasks that need attention several times a day are: Sweeping (all hardwood floors here, no carpet), Dishes (the old-fashioned way, no dishwasher), and Pick ups (you know, the toys and LIFE that accumulate because we LIVE here).  The Responsibility Focus for each day is rotated.  That way no one feels stuck with the same jobs everyday.  It also allows for each family member to be cross trained in running the details of our home.

Beside each day of the week name, each family member has assigned responsibilities for our afternoon family cleaning time. You’ll notice that Naomi is helping me for most duties.  This gives us a little “girl time,” and I’m training her in chores.  Once she’s more independent, Gabriel will be ready to learn more responsibilities and spend his cleaning time learning with mommy.

That is an overview of our homeschool family cleaning schedule.  Here is a collection of additional cleaning ideas, to-do lists, and sparkling thoughts from around the web, to help you develop a cleaning schedule that works for you:





Large Family Logistics

Tell us what your cleaning schedule is for your home.  What works well and what would you like to change?  If you have a post on cleaning, de-cluttering or organizing that you’d like to share, please link it in the comments below!

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