Does it feel impossible to find new ways to feed all your people?

Want to build your own freezer meal stash?

Does meal time make you crazy?

You can receive a SANITY-SAVING printable recipe guide delivered to your inbox every month!!!

Hi, friend! It's me, Jamerrill

you know I only know MEGA & LOTS!

I’ve been feeding lots of people all day, every day, for over two decades.  I taught myself once-a-month grocery shopping, big batch cooking, cooking for leftovers (glorious), and making enough freezer meals to feed my mega crew.

I believe large family cooking has taken over a large part of my brain. As a mom of 9, plus homeschooling for over 18 years, working several years outside the home as a charge nurse, and for the last decade running a full-time business from home that supports my family of 11, I know what it’s like to literally juggle many plates!

And that’s why I’ve created the tons of meal guides in my shop just for you!!

…And now, I’m bringing a specially-selected meal guide right to your inbox every month! 🎉

large family table

In my Large Family Table Printables of the Month Club, I’m sending my good friends one specially-selected digital product every single month!!

You’ll get a printable meal guide {$14.99 value} delivered to your inbox every 30 days. There’s a massive mega variety of sanity-saving products you’ll receive!!

🥘 Big Batch Freezer Cooking Guides** 

👩‍🍳 Slow Cooker Meal Plans

💥 Electric Pressure Cooker Meal Plans

🥦 Sheet Pan Meal Guides

🍪 Big Batch Baking Guides

🎉 And SO much MEGA MORE!!!

 **The recipes in the Large Family Table Shop are SURE to please crowds of any size!! Most Digital Products include “Smallish Batch” Cooking Guides, too!! 

What's Included:


Big Batch Freezer Meal Guides

The freezer meal recipes are easy peasy. Grocery shopping list(s), big batch cooking guides, freezer cooking tips & tricks, freezer inventory sheets, and more are included with each pack so you can sanely fill your freezer.

Slow cooker meal guides

Does minimal prep and thought on your part sound nice? The dump-and-go dinner time dream of ease and simplicity is all yours with Large Family Slow Cooker Dinners & 4 Week Meal Plans!

Skillet Dinner Meal Guides

It’s time to break out your well-seasoned cast-iron, electric (or any stovetop-safe) skillet to prepare these delicious new recipes in my Skillet Dinners Made Easy Meal Guides!


Pressure cooker meal guides

Large Family 4-Week Electric Pressure Cooker Meal Plans will save you so much time. I have planned out a whole month of meals! Plus, since all the recipes are pressure cooker recipes they are easy to make and you won’t have to stand over the stove while dinner is being made. 

Sheet Pan Dinner Meal Guides

You’re going to fall in love with the simplicity of Easy and Simple Large Family Sheet Pan Dinners. These amazing sheet pan recipes utilize two sheet pans with a variety of veggie, meat, and delicious seasonings that bake together to perfection. 

Special Diet Meal Guides

Does your family have special dietary needs or preferences?

You will receive LOW CARB, GLUTEN-FREE, DAIRY-FREE Meal AND Dessert Guides!! 

Big Batch Baking Guides

I have an amazing collection of big batch baking packs to help you in the kitchen! Whether you’re looking for baking from scratch, low-carb baking, making freezer-friendly cookie dough, or more we have many baking helps here for you!

Sent to your inbox every single month!!

You’ll receive the Printable of the Month every 30 days…delivered right to your inbox!! Also, there’s a Club Hub where you can access your previous month’s Printable Meal Guides!! 

It's a lot of work feeding a growing family!

As a busy homeschool mom of 11, ages 14 and under, Jamerrill’s easy peasy recipes for real people with real families have always been a big hit around here without much fuss in preparing them!

Her freezer meal cooking adventures encouraged me to utilize this method more often to stock our freezers with homemade, delicious food and greatly diminished the “what’s for dinner” panic that used to hit around 4pm on busy days that ran away from me!

The best part was that for the next few months dinner was done, and the food was great!

Not only did we enjoy the meals ourselves, I loved having pre-made meals available to share with friends. We just finished off the last of our freezer meals, and I’m already planning our next freezer meal cooking day. With the ingredient list and recipes planned so flawlessly, it couldn’t be easier!

My kids love all of these meals just as they are written!

Jamerrill’s Large Family Freezer Meal packs are a sanity-saver for this busy mama. I love the extra tips and helpful instructions. I can either do all of the recipes in a massive freezer meal cooking day or pick one meal to do for the evening and batch cook it to stock up the freezer with extras. I can easily adjust the recipes with my own favorite ingredients. The best thing, though? My kids will love all of these meals just as they are written!

What is included in your Printables of the Month Club Membership?!

* Join the Printables of the Month Club for a $9.97/Month!! 

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Join Jamerrill's Large Family Table Printables of the Month Club & receive one specially-selected sanity-saving digital meal guide each month!!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

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When you join the LFT Printables of the Month Club, you will want to make sure you’ve opted in to receiving emails from the Club. *This is not my mainstream newsletter email list.* By opting in to receive these emails, you’ll get your monthly reminder that your brand new download is ready!! 

No, each month you will receive a Printable from the Large Family Table Shop…of Jamerrill’s Choice!! 🎉 

My digital meal guides are so convenient to have on your favorite device! Also, you can send the digital files to a place like Office Depot to be printed. Many members make big binders of all their products & goodies!

Printables of the Month Club is regularly priced at $9.97/month (a $14.99 Value!) and there are several sales throughout the year!! BIG YAY, the price you join at is the price you will always pay as long as your membership stays current. 

Unfortunately no, you will need to pay whatever the current price is.

You have 100% access to the content that you have received monthly during your paid membership period only.  If you cannot continue with your membership for any reason and choose to cancel your membership, you must download all of your printables before your membership expiration date. Please take the time to get your files prior to expiration. You will have no access to the Printables Club or content after membership expiration.

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As a member of the Community, you will always be the first to receive the newest, hot-off-the-press digital products. The Printable Club is a separate membership and will receive specially-selected best selling products that are already offered in the shop. Also, as a member, you also have ALL of the products that the Printables Club will receive. ❤ It’s a great deal for your friends who may not want to commit to the LFT Community!


If you have any other questions that are not covered here, just email JamerrillCustomerService@gmail.com – thanks!

What is included in your Printables of the Month Club Membership?!

I am a Midwestern social worker, and my individuals have benefited from the planners, planning, freezer meals, etc.

And, you know what? My mental health has benefited from the videos. Yes, and Amen!

My organization works as a family. So, an email flies… so and so just got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Anyone have any good recipes? Zing, zing, zing. There go the files. Freezer meals, low carb, keto, desserts!, muffins! Uh, oh! My other friend just had a goal set for party planning. Any ideas? Zing, zing, zing! Charcuterie boards! Pre-made cookies! Calendars!

Thank you for your products, and more importantly, your precious time.

No more tweaking too-small recipes and spending hours in the kitchen!

Most freezer meal menus and methods aren’t made for a large family, so I have to double (and sometimes triple!) the everything – what a hassle!

The recipes in the Large Family Freezer Meal Packs are simple, frugal, and made for real-life moms who don’t have the time and energy for fancy ingredients and overly-complicated instructions. No more tweaking too-small recipes and spending hours in the kitchen! Yippee!”

Jamerrill's recipes are always a huge hit in our home!

I absolutely LOVE Large Family Freezer Meal Packs that Jamerrill has put together. I have nine children and am going through an extraordinarily busy time of life right now (just moved, running a booming business, and homeschooling). Freezer meals are an absolute lifesaver.

Two thumbs up from this large family mom!

I love the freezer tips, prep tips, and printable sheets that do all of the thinking for you. But, the shopping list with exact amounts needed for each ingredient is my favorite – seriously, trying to add up everything on my own was always more than I wanted to do! I am excited to implement her strategies and meal plans.

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