Are you struggling to always feed your family?

Does meal time make you crazy?

Tired of feeling overwhelmed & frazzled in the kitchen?

Hi, friend! It's me, Jamerrill

you know I only know MEGA & LOTS!

I’ve been feeding lots of people all day, every day, for over two decades. Some years I’ve had a bare bones budget, some years I’ve been able to buy lots of extra fruits & veggies. I taught myself once-a-month grocery shopping, big batch cooking, cooking for leftovers (glorious), and making enough freezer meals to feed my mega crew.

I believe large family cooking has taken over a large part of my brain. As a mom of 9, plus homeschooling for over 18 years, working several years outside the home as a charge nurse, and for the last decade running a full-time business from home that supports my big family, I know what it’s like to literally juggle many plates!

And that’s why I created this exclusive community over four years ago…

large family table

I wanted to dive deeper with my online community of friends and create a special hub for creating and sharing even more content and adventures! I wanted us to be able to cook, do all the things, and have extra fun together, too!

For over four years I’ve shared exclusive videos made only for membership with favorite recipes, deeper stories, longer Q&As, taking member’s only special request videos, answering business minded momma questions, and so much more!

The Large Family Table Community is like a fun ongoing course, where each month I orchestrate and drop a BUNCH of goodies on you. From exclusive videos with me, special guests, live calls, included paid products, and TONS of bonus content. We DO ALL THE THINGS in the Large Family Table Community! 


By joining Large Family Table Community four years in, you receive access to over 100 already loaded videos, tons of special guests, bonuses, live call replays, over 60 INCLUDED PAID products – mega & lots!

I can promise you that every month in the Large Family Table Community is LOADED with super mega massive excitement!! 

Join the Large Family Table Community today!

Enjoy mega & lots of brand new exclusive content every month, such as Live Calls with Jamerrill, Exclusive Videos, Included Paid Products, Ninja Mom Expert Special Guests, Games with PRIZES, + so much more! 

Plus over four years of content already waiting for you!!

{Over $5,000 annual value, regularly priced at $397/year!!} 

What's Included:

Exclusive videos

Exclusive monthly member-requested videos…we’re talking cooking, kitchen, sanity-saving, day-in-the-life, shopping videos from Jamerrill so that you will start feeling confident, inspired, and motivated to FEED ALL YOUR PEOPLE! 

Live Q&A

A fun, LIVE monthly Q&A with Jamerrill (via Zoom) so that you can celebrate those meal planning victories and so much more from the previous month and CHAT IT UP!

Guest Experts

A fabulous monthly “Ninja Mom Expert” guest masterclass (so many great special guests!) so that you are able to learn new skills such as canning, emergency pantry planning, sourdough bread-making, and grocery budgeting each and every month!

digital products

A monthly special LFT paid product (valued at $14.99+ a month/$179+ annual value) so that you are ALWAYS one of the FIRST people to get access to Jamerrill’s newest meal planning products and more!!


A Private members-only Facebook Group so that you always have a safe place to get all of your mega momma meal prep and additional questions answered…

virtual events

A Monthly Fun Scavenger Hunts/Bingo, Community Challenges & special surprises so that you can make some new friends along the way and win awesome prizes…

four+ years 

of content

OVER FOUR YEARS of content, videos, products, special guests and more already waiting for you so that you ALWAYS have a place to turn when you are ready to expand your meal prepping and additional skillsets!! 

Mega & Lots 

of bonuses

And because I love my people, I’m likely to throw in a few additional bonuses along the way! 😉

What Moms are Saying

JamieLFTC Member
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There is such a wealth of information, you can ask questions and the group and Jamerrill all are willing to help and answer your questions.

The things that are offered to this community you can not find any where else. Jamerrill put her heart into this group and it shows each month with the Ninja mommas she brings in and the live calls with Jamerrill you feel like you are talking to her in person in her kitchen. The cook along with me is also fun. And the offered paid included content is amazing. My kiddos have had fun making the food in the recipes and we have a good time just chatting with each other. They also enjoy watching Jamerrill on YouTube with me.
TammyLFTC Member
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I so enjoy learning new skills from you and the ninja moms. I've really have become a little more confident in the kitchen because you really show me that real life happens and just go with the flow.

The things that are offered to this community you can not find any where else. Jamerrill put her heart into this group and it shows each month with the Ninja mommas she brings in and the live calls with Jamerrill you feel like you are talking to her in person in her kitchen. The cook along with me is also fun. And the offered paid included content is amazing. I've always been a person very anxious in doing new things like gardening or cooking new things. I know it sounds silly to get anxious over simple stuff but that's the way I'm wired I guess. To see you being you, having some things go perfectly but sometimes they don't go perfectly and it's ok.
TraceyLFTC Member ~2 years
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Totally saved me a lot of money and has given me such a variety of foods that all of my family love. Nothing goes to waste.

J.BLFTC Member ~2 years
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It has been fun to get to know you better.

Although it is "strange" to think of you as a friend, since you don't really know me! :o) My family all knows you, my youngest daughter (now married) has found memories of us watching you cook and such and she still likes to keep up with you every once in awhile. :O)
ElizabethLFTC Member ~2 years
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The Guides have been a lifesaver!

I’m a farmer (with chronic illnesses, so energy is at a premium!) and in the spring and summer my family would have to scrounge around a lot for dinner as I’d be so tired. But now they get dinner a lot more often 😅 I’ve also learned to cook a whole lot extra and put that extra away as a ‘one for now, two of later’ kind of deal.
D.BLFTC Member ~2 years
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I wouldn’t change anything!

StarlingLFTC Member ~ 4 years
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I just love being part of this community. Even though we come from all different walks of life, wanting to do the best for our families brings us all together.

K.E.LFTC Member ~2 years
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Love chatty calls.

I haven't been able to be live last couple of months. I also love that in fb group you can have same successes or failures from people a world away. Makes the group valuable when you can combine cultures.
R.V.LFTC Member ~3 months
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I absolutely love the fact that when I'm able to catch a live call, and my 4year old grandson is with me, (he loves Jamerrill) she will make a point to acknowledge him by name.

This makes for special moments....
K.M.LFTC Member ~6 months
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I like there are replays of calls in case I miss it. Love the free monthly product and special videos for members.

G.W.LFTC Member ~1 year
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I think you are doing a great job on touching in the new trends and the supply and demand of things.

MemberLFTC Member ~6 months
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I love the Facebook page, extra videos and included paid product. Keep it all coming!

A.P.LFTC Member ~6 months
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I love to watch the replays and I love all the exclusive paid products ninja mom experts and chatty calls so basically I love everything.

I like that it's on a platform that I can go back and watch at my own pace. I don't know many other people who have kids so basically doing motherhood in a vaccum lol 😂 I call this my motherhood support group.
E.H.LFTC Member ~1 1/2 years
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I love the new things I learn. Improving what I am doing already and making me a better mom. Thank you!!

H.J.LFTC Member ~2 years
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I love everything about this program. It has been so helpful even though I don't have a large family.

This program has helped me learning how to have freezer meals not only for my family but I have enough to share with others.
S.L.LFTC Member ~2 years
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I absolutely love this community! I use so much of it on a regular basis and it has helped me to feel confident in caring for my family, long term food storage, meal planning and prep, and even in just trying new things.

A.J.LFTC Member ~6 months
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I like the cooking videos. I watch them while I cook and it feels like I have a friend cooking with me.


Content as of May 2024


Ninja Mom Expert Videos


Included Paid Products


Exclusive Videos


Live Calls


Bonus Content

Plus new content every month… including new videos, new product, new guest, new live call, new fun and more!


Large Family Table is so much more than recipes. As it says in the title, we are a community.

Even though we all have different family dynamics, we come together to share our experiences and tips to help each other. We also get to know Jamerrill a little more with each monthly Zoom call. That alone is worth the price of admission. The free recipe packs to download are the cherry on top of the cake. They are wonderful no matter your family size.

It's a lot of work feeding a growing family!

As a busy homeschool mom of 11, ages 14 and under, Jamerrill’s easy peasy recipes for real people with real families have always been a big hit around here without much fuss in preparing them!

Following along with her freezer meal cooking adventures encouraged me to utilize this method more often to stock our freezers with homemade, delicious food and greatly diminished the “what’s for dinner” panic that used to hit around 4pm on busy days that ran away from me!

The best Part was that for the next few months dinner was done, and the food was great!

Not only did we enjoy the meals ourselves, I loved having pre-made meals available to share with friends. We just finished off the last of our freezer meals, and I’m already planning our next freezer meal cooking day. With the ingredient list and recipes planned so flawlessly, it couldn’t be easier!

My kids love all of these meals just as they are written!

Jamerrill’s Large Family Freezer Meal packs are a sanity-saver for this busy mama. I love the extra tips and helpful instructions. I can either do all of the recipes in a massive freezer meal cooking day or pick one meal to do for the evening and batch cook it to stock up the freezer with extras. I can easily adjust the recipes with my own favorite ingredients. The best thing, though? My kids will love all of these meals just as they are written!

What's Included Each Month:

For a Limited Time, join for only $97/year!! 

{Over $5,000 annual value, regularly priced at $397/year!!} 

Save MEGA & LOTS of meal-time sanity with your Large Family Table Community membership!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Annual memberships renew automatically one year from the date of purchase; you may cancel your membership anytime before it renews. Refunds for an annual membership will only be process if membership is cancelled within the first 14-days of receipt of purchase. You may cancel the monthly subscription at any time (you are not locked in), but we will not be able to refund previous months. 

PLEASE NOTE! When you Join Membership please sign up to receive emails from me at check-out. Many weeks I email members with fun coming up, reminders, signups, product updates, and membership goodness. The BEST WAY to stay in the loop is to receive Large Family Table Community emails. This is *not* my main email list, this is special just for LFTC.

That’s okay! As long as technology plays along, I will be recording every live event, and uploading it into the LFTC membership hub (your Teachable account) within a few days of the event, so you will always be able to go back and watch! There are so many great ones already in the membership and more to come!

You can send the digital files to a place like Office Depot to be printed. Several LFTC members make big binders of all their products & goodies!

You are getting the LOWEST price currently available by JOINING NOW! Membership will never be this price again. I will only be opening the cart for LFTC twice per year (& some years only once) for big floods of members, and each time I do that, I will be raising the price, AND BIG YAY, the price you join at is the price you will always pay as long as your membership stays current. You get to to be “grandfathered” in at your joining price.

Unfortunately no, you will need to pay whatever the current price is. Membership prices will continue to increase due to the growth of the content library and extra time and work hours that go into making the membership possible.

You have 100% access to the Large Family Table Community content during your paid membership period only* as long as you are a paid member in the Large Family Table Community, you have access to all the 3+ years of content, plus all upcoming content during your paid membership time. This includes all videos, past & upcoming live calls, included paid projects, special bonuses and much more. If you cannot continue with your membership for any reason and choose to cancel your membership, you must download all the included products & extra goodies you need before your membership expiration date. Please take the time to get your files prior to expiration. You will have no access to the private community or content after membership expiration.

You may change your information and settings by signing into Teachable and clicking the profile pictures in the upper right corner. You will see the menu to access all of your personal information such as email settings and payment method. If you are using a smartphone, you may need to scroll over to see this menu. If you’ve received a notification saying your payment was unsuccessful, there’s no need to panic! You can change your payment method as soon as you can and Teachable attempts the payment again on the 3rd, 7th, and 14th day. 


If you have any other questions that are not covered here, just email JamerrillCustomerService@gmail.com – thanks!

Let me help you find kitchen & meal time sanity!

(& a whole ‘lotta fun, too)

I am a Midwestern social worker, and my individuals have benefited from the planners, planning, freezer meals, etc.

And, you know what? My mental health has benefited from the videos. Yes, and Amen!

My organization works as a family. So, an email flies… so and so just got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Anyone have any good recipes? Zing, zing, zing. There go the files. Freezer meals, low carb, keto, desserts!, muffins! Uh, oh! My other friend just had a goal set for party planning. Any ideas? Zing, zing, zing! Charcuterie boards! Pre-made cookies! Calendars!

Thank you for your products, and more importantly, your precious time.

No more tweaking too-small recipes and spending hours in the kitchen!

Most freezer meal menus and methods aren’t made for a large family, so I have to double (and sometimes triple!) the everything – what a hassle!

The recipes in the Large Family Freezer Meal Packs are simple, frugal, and made for real-life moms who don’t have the time and energy for fancy ingredients and overly-complicated instructions. No more tweaking too-small recipes and spending hours in the kitchen! Yippee!”

Jamerrill's recipes are always a huge hit in our home!

I absolutely LOVE Large Family Freezer Meal Packs that Jamerrill has put together. I have nine children and am going through an extraordinarily busy time of life right now (just moved, running a booming business, and homeschooling). Freezer meals are an absolute lifesaver.

Two thumbs up from this large family mom!

I love the freezer tips, prep tips, and printable sheets that do all of the thinking for you. But, the shopping list with exact amounts needed for each ingredient is my favorite – seriously, trying to add up everything on my own was always more than I wanted to do! I am excited to implement her strategies and meal plans.

What's Included Each Month:

For a LIMITED TIME, join for only $97/year!!

{Over $5,000 annual value, regularly priced at $397/year!!} 

Save MEGA & LOTS of meal-time sanity with your Large Family Table Community membership!!

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