Our New Favorite Game: Dave Ramsey’s Act Your Wage

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We have a new favorite game in our house. 

It’s Dave Ramsey’s game called Act Your Wage.

*I know that on Amazon there is currently one horrible review of this game.  I’ve added my no doubt awesome review ;). Here’s my Amazon review of Act Your Wage! *Our boys want to play this game every evening.  We don’t…but the fact that they want to speaks for itself.

How wonderful it is to have a family game that teaches about paying off debts and living in God’s best.  As you can read on the above card, Dave has Biblical truths of financial freedom intertwined within the game.

In Act Your Wage each player is dealt out life cards and debt.  You have to get yourself out of debt in the middle of whatever life circumstances you find yourself.  You’re also required to give and save.

In Act Your Wage each player has to:

– Earn and keep a $1,000 emergency fund

– Use the envelope budgeting system

– Pay off debt using the debt snowball

– Be the first one to get out of debt and yell, “I’m Debt FREE!”

I don’t know about you, but I wish I’d grown up playing board games about wise financial management.  What are some of your family’s favorite games?

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