Desperate Devotions: How to Get Back in Your Groove

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I’m sharing today at Heart of the Matter Online about Desperate Devotions.  Those are the ones that you throw yourself into when you’ve somehow found yourself off track in your time with the Lord {{{sound of crickets}}}; well, maybe I’m alone on this one.

barb_wire_fence by monica_june, on Pix-O-Sphere

This is an area that I really have had struggles in. We are in a battle, and the Word is our weapon, but sometimes I loose my armor.  Visit me at HOTM and find out how I get back in my groove with God!

 Spending Time with the Lord

You know what we all need, right? We all need more of Jesus. I know I have found myself in seasons where I get kicked off my special time with the Lord. That is, after all, the enemy’s plan, to keep us from spending quite time with the Lord. There’s a question that I’ve been asked, that I myself have asked…How do I spend time with the Lord? What do I do during my time with him? Read more HERE…

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