Don’t Use Tongs To Fold Socks! {Training Children in Chores}

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Click here to watch Don’t Use Tongs To Fold Socks!

Are you working on training younger children to help with household chores?  I give you encouragement in that my 14 and 11 year old sons are excellent workers in completing household and life skill tasks. They could run the entire house if need be (not that they do, but they could!). They didn’t get to be competent workers overnight.  I started by keeping them with me and training them when they were younger.

That being said I have several current littles who need to start chipping in more. They already do tasks such as set the table, carry laundry baskets to the laundry room, and even change out loads from the washer to the dryer. It’s time though to hand the sock folding completely over to Naomi (age 8) and Gabriel (almost 6) as a tag team chore.  I start chore training by sitting with them through several chore sessions until they can handle the task on their own.

This video shows a good bit of 4-year old Liam’s antics. My husband said it was slightly exhausting to watch, ha!  That’s okay though, it’s just part of the real life stuff I’m sharing on YouTube. I’d rather Liam help slightly than not at all. As you’ll see though, the tongs he brought to our “sock folding party,” don’t really help too much. 😉

Also, since sharing this video several veteran mom’s have messaged me with their sock folding strategies. Please share in the comments how you tackle sock folding at your house!

Click here to watch Don’t Use Tongs To Fold Socks!

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