Emergency Devotional Post: Before You Lock Yourself in the Bathroom

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This post is day three of my 10 Day Series on Moms Seeking Jesus.

Click here to start the series at the beginning.

Moms Seeking Jesus

First let me say that it IS okay to lock yourself in the bathroom (maybe with a snickers bar as well :)) when you feel that you just need a few minutes to clear your head, and talk to Jesus.

We can’t always find time though for this common mother trick.

We know, we know, we know, and we hear, we hear, we hear, that in the midst of all that we juggle in this life our first priority needs to be the Lord and spending time in His Word. We all live in the real world though and despite our best efforts there will be days when everything that can happen, will. I hate that dry and weary feeling. It’s the feeling that I’m lost in the middle of the wilderness with my babies and we need something more, something to bring more clarity and joy to our day.

We must have God’s Word to survive. And on an upside-down-day we feel like we’re starving.

This is an emergency devotional post of sorts. Maybe your headlights went out coming home late one night, and now the following morning is all a flutter in playing catch-up (this happened to my family this week). You could have been up and down all night with a sick baby. Maybe you have unexpected visitors show up – you’d loved to be a Mary, but you know you’re being Martha.

Start Here: This is my post on Creative Ways to Get More Jesus in Your Day. Several of the applications in this post are from that article. It’s full of quick and simple ideas to infuse your home with Christ.

Creative Ways to Get More Jesus in Your Day


 Remember, it’s okay to give yourself grace!

Free Online Audio Bibles:


I can’t say enough how playing the Bible through-out our day addresses our hearts in so many important areas. I encourage you to play the Bible in your home and soak in God’s promises as you go about your day.

The Streaming Bible

Faith Comes By Hearing

Bible Gateway Audios

NIV Audio Bible – Listen Online for Free

Free Audio Bible.net


Videos to Watch/Listen:


I play Bible teaching videos of my favorite teachers and preachers often. Here are some of my favorites.




 And finally remember:


 Mothers Locked in the Bathroom

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