Homeschooling for Free and Frugal: Our $50 Homeschool Year {Part Two}

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Welcome back to day nine in our 10 day series of free & frugal homeschooling!

If this is your first time here, or you’d like to review, begin the entire series here.

I shared the other day the events that brought about our sudden jump into our $50 homeschool year.  It was one of those times of great faith for our family.  There are many ways the Lord provided when my husband lost his job. We had radical things happen like opening a letter that contained several hundred-dollar bills.  Or, how we were 4-months behind in our house payment, praying off foreclosure, and our tax return was (now READ this), our tax return was to. the. penny. what we owed the mortgage company.  

That is the Lord’s provision.¬†


During this time I did return to work part-time on the weekends for 3-months. ¬†You have to know that under normal circumstances this would have been¬†agonizing¬†for me, and yes it was a fear I had at the beginning of this test. ¬†However,¬†one day¬†I had complete peace (and I’m really big into following peace as my guide)¬†about calling a friend of mine who was HR manager for a local¬†medical¬†facility. ¬†In that one call I had the part-time position that I needed. This too was a¬†miracle¬†because in our area nurses were actually being laid off. During those weekends my husband watched the children, and during those weekends I had many patients and co-workers touched by the Jesus in me. ¬†It was¬†truly¬†a time of seeing His handiwork amplified.

For our homeschool that year we focused heavily on reading great books. ¬†We’d already discovered that reading together and a loud was one of our favorite family activities, but during the lay-off year we took it to a new level. ¬†The Lord also¬†prepared¬†me right before this season of extreme frugal¬†by guiding me to read the (affiliate link)¬†The Three R’s by Dr. Ruth Beechick. ¬†This book reinforced a gentle focus on math, reading and language. With the¬†practical¬†instructions¬†laid out in The Three R’s I felt I could go a long way in teaching my children without a full curriculum.


Three cheers:

Bible, Library, Internet!!!


I also found during that year that all I really needed is the Bible, and if at all possible the library and internet. ¬†It was also during this year that we started lapbooking. ¬†The first lapbook that we ever created was the 17th Century Lapbook, which I got for free when I signed up for A Journey Through Learning’s newsletter (This offer is still¬†valid¬†too.) ¬†After we got our feet wet with the 17th Century Lapbook, I found Homeschool Share and started setting our printer on fire while printing off their free lapbooks and unit studies. I also started using the great sites like Notebookingpages.com And finally I took the jump and started designing our own lapbooks and unit studies, like our Where the Red Fern Grows lapbook and unit. Here you can read more about how we create¬†literature¬†lapbooks ¬†in our homeschool.

Most importantly during our $50 homeschool year I learned that¬†the Holy Spirit is directing my steps and the steps of my children. All the things (and this lesson can go beyond homeschool “things”) that I thought we wanted and needed, we didn’t. ¬†The curriculum that I thought I couldn’t live without; we did just fine without it. ¬†I had to trust the Lord to give us what He wanted us to have.

We ended up with a school year that will surely go down in our family¬†homeschool history as one of the best years of learning that we’ve ever had. It’s in these faith places where the Lord shows Himself strong.

¬†a few honest tears here…

It really is the simple joys that matter.


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