Our $50 Homeschool Year {Part One}

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Welcome back to day three in our 10 day series of free & frugal homeschooling!

If this is your first time here, or you’d like to review, begin the entire series here.

I’m sharing the first part of our family story about our $50 homeschool year; which sparked our journey into homeschooling on the cheap.

Homeschooling for Free and Frugal

Our $50 Homeschool Year: Yes, It Can Be Done

Our first few years of homeschooling I dropped several hundred dollars per year on curriculum that I really didn’t like; all for one child. I wasn’t sure what we needed, or just how to do this homeschooling thing. ¬†For many of us, this is a starting point. ¬†Oh, but there is homeschool life beyond those cloudy¬†beginnings. ¬†We tend to find our pace and learn, mostly through good old trial and error, what works for our family. ¬†Some of us (raising my hand) tend to learn best in trials. ¬†Having several hot financial seasons in the¬†fiery¬†furnace¬†while homeschooling brought me to our free & frugal homeschool life. ¬† Of course if I had to give our homeschooling style a name it would be Holy Spirit-led.

Homeschooling for Free and Frugal

Naomi, Zion, and Jadin observing a monarch butterfly that we hatched in homeschool.

God made our children, and He preordained us to be their parents.  Whatever our children need: the Lord will provide.  Whatever their destinies: the Holy Spirit will guide them.  Jesus is the author and finisher of our homeschool.  He has to show up everyday for this to work.

This Holy Spirit-led Homeschooling goes hand in hand with homeschooling for free & frugal. Faithschooling and freeschooling are a casting of my need to control and feel as though I’m living by my plan. ¬†I do my part in planning (with pencil) what our children need. ¬†I work my resources¬†thoroughly. I focus on training our children in the way that they should go; I trust the Lord for the rest.

I know that can be easier said than done.

There are families who want to homeschool; however, finances are holding them back.

They feel the Lord telling them to trust Him,
to take the leap,
and homeschool by faith.

That’s an uncertain place to be, in that faith place. I remember the morning that my husband came home from work early. About 6-months prior to this he had lost his cushy government contract with Homeland Security. With that job we traveled the east coast for free as a family for a year, living in Marriott Residence Inns (it was a blast!); during our full-time travel year the Lord confirmed that I needed to lay down my nursing career and stay home full-time.

Where did I find myself after stepping out in faith and quitting my job?  I was standing in my kitchen with four small homeschooled faces looking at me and a husband who walked in the door 5-hours too early.

My first thoughts.

I’ll have to go back to work.

(Let me also interject that I am not condemning ladies who work outside the home and homeschool creatively. We did this for 3-years until the Lord made a way for me to come home full-time. I think all families who homeschool are amazing, and the sacrifices they make to do so well worth their efforts.)

*In this series I’ll share more of our lessons from our $50 Homeschool Year that ¬†changed the course of the way we home educate our children. ¬†For now I have 3 goodies for you.

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Holy Spirit-Led Homeschooling


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