Age Specific Chore List For Children Ages 1-12

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 Free Chore List for Kids

 Free Chore List for Kids

Click here for the Free Chore List for Kids!

Chore training is mostly through play at young ages. ¬†When you read on the list the chores for ages 18-months to 2-years, know that many of those listed are for the middle-side of 2. There is no major¬†expectation¬†in those years, except to have the little ones “play” along, while learning that every family member has a special and needed role in family life.

Free Chore List for Kids

An advantage to having a big growing family is that the younger children have older¬†siblings¬†as role models. ¬†It’s a beautiful thing. ¬†Our big boys could almost run the household themselves at this point. ¬†Although they don’t run this show alone-we do family chore time together in the afternoons-it’s nice to know that they understand the flow of our household. ¬†When I had our last baby,¬†Liam Joseph, my mom was amazed at how the children zipped through the house in the morning, working on their morning list.

Free Chore List for Kids

This list is very specific to my experience with my family.  Every family and child is unique!

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