Fruit of the Spirit for Moms {& free printable}

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Today I’m sharing a little about the fruit of the spirit for moms,

Ā and a healthy practice that I need to get back into–confessing the Word.

I’ve held on to meditating on the Word, where I’m quietly repeating to myself a Bible verse throughout the day. I want to {need to} get back into the practice of speaking the Word through a personal confession list.Ā  When I did this I was speaking truth into myself, my family and my home every morning.

And then I stopped.

Just because there is a dove on the top of this website does not mean that you will find perfection here.Ā  I’m not really sure where a long the way I stopped speaking the Word out loud, but I did. I’ve miss it. It was powerful to speak those promises everyday.Ā  The Holy Spirit has reminded me that I need to dig out those promises again.

AĀ few days ago I whipped up this simple personal confession of Galatians 5:22-23. This is not as long as my personal confession list. Ā It’s just a quick, yet powerful, way to speak the Word into our day on the go. For this confession I have printed it out and put it in plastic sheet protectors. It’s hung at the bathroom sinks for us to say asĀ we wash ourĀ hands. I’ve had my strong-willed babe learn this verse and confess it with mommy. Believe me, several of us going aroundĀ speaking ā€œPeace, I am full of peace,ā€ is a good thing.

Plastic Sheet Protectors

Moms, printĀ this out and put it somewhere that you’re able to read it and say it often.




Holy Spirit-Led Homeschooling

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Download free “Fruit of the Spirit” Confession


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