Family Management with a Dry Erase Board

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I {Heart} My Dry Erase Board


Family Management with a Dry Erase Board

For several years we’ve had a dry erase board that hangs on our living homeschool room door (it hung on the door even before it was our schoolroom). This board is my secret weapon in family management. I realize I have a few scared readers with my Our Homeschool Life Rhythm: Grace and Flexibility post because I honestly shared the fullness and buzzing of our days.  Remember though, I’m managing a growing family of seven, soon to be eight. Our days ARE full, buzzing, and blessed – that’s how we like it.   The must have tool that helps our days adjust with the flow of life is our trusty dry erase board.

Not one day is exactly like the other. Needs change, things come up, and life pulls at full speed. And some days just have a fresh dose of crazy!

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Dry Erase Board Scheduling

Dry Erase Calendar

Homeschool Scheduling

Dry Erase Board

Here’s how I daily use our simple dry erase board to keep our family life in running order.

“The Mighty Plan” {snicker}

I write out the times for our day, usually 7 a.m. through 9 p.m. for us. I go down and write “the plan” (we joke and actually use a deeper voice when we talk about “the plan” for the day). We may not hit every thing on our plan exactly, but when we fall off our rhythm we jump back on where we fell off.

Homeschool Dry Erase Board
See, our board is well loved. I guess today it’ll get a good cleaning!

Daily Changes

What?  Football practice is rescheduled for an hour earlier and we need to drop milk jars and veggies off at a friend’s house too?  Yup, All of those *big news items* go on our dry erase board.

Chore Adjustments

We have our daily and weekly cleaning schedule, and Naomi has her responsibility chart; however in a growing family chores pop up.  Especially with our large country garden, there seems to always be a few more items that need attention. I write each child’s first initial in a column and list the areas that need their special attention on that particular day.

Family Chore Management

School Assignments

I write our daily goals down for school on our board. Especially for our older boys who do a great deal of independent work. They know to check the board, especially if I’m working with someone else and they need a little guidance.

Quick Homeschool Tip: *My rule for any children who are waiting for mom and may need some direction is to read a book until I get to them.*

Mom’s Quick Thoughts

Do you work from home, blog, or create in any way?  My creative juices seem to always be flowing. I’ll be in the middle of cooking meat for the month and suddenly a book idea or neat series will pop in my head. Hello, dry erase board!  I quickly spill those thoughts onto the board until I can get to them later. Later could be two months. 😉

To-do List Reminders

Ugh,  those things that I need to do and keep forgetting – those go on the dry erase board. Lately for me it’s phone calls.

Meals for the Week

I meal plan, but many times it helps me to glance quickly at our dry erase board to see which items need to come out of the pantry. I need lots of reminders.

Kid Thoughts

We have a big no interruption unless someone is bleeding policy at our house, especially when mom and day are talking.  The kids are welcome to write what they’d like to say on the board so they don’t forget to tell us when we’re done.


The dry erase board is one of the simple tools that I implemented years ago to keep our house in running order. With each added child it has proven itself as a huge family management blessing. What are some of your tips and tricks for household management?

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