Homeschool Mom Life {Mid-Winter Edition}

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Homeschool Mom Life {Mid-Winter Edition}

Homeschool Mom Life Mid-Winter Edition

*This post contains my affiliate, sponsor, and additional resource links as mentioned in my video and post. Thank you for your support*

In today’s new vlog I share my Homeschool Mom Life {Mid-Winter Edition} video. It’s an update to my Homeschool Mom Life – with a migraine for “extra fun” and Day in My Life As a Homeschool Mom {September 2015}. 

Cherishing the Winter Months of Homeschooling

I don’t begrudge the winter months of homeschooling. In fact during the busy times of other seasons, several of the kids will say, “Won’t it be fun when we can do read-alouds for hours and play extra games?” In the winter we like to hunker down and enjoy a slow pace – it’s very welcome! Of course we roller skate with friends weekly and take advantage of other seasonal activities, but for the most part we enjoy home. It’s just one of the many blessings of HOMEschooling. 🙂 I mention in the video the massive list of indoor activities for homeschooled kids if you’re looking for indoor activities for this time of year. 

Before Table Work Time Began

Bread Making

On this particular day I fired up the bread machine to make several loaves of banana bread. The younger children played space pirates (older kids were out of town on a fun trip for several days), because spontaneous dress-up breaks out around here often. Liam and Amelia took turns helping me with the bread making in addition to playing dress-up. Naomi and Gabriel made pirate maps and hunted for treasure. This qualifies as a solid, creative morning in my book.

Homeschool Table Work Time

I still use my homeschool mom tool box to organize the daily homeschool items I need. This is the actual footlocker I use although I found mine at Walmart for about $10 less, so check there if you’re interested. My middle school and highschooler use simple milk crates to keep their school books organized. 

All About Reading

Once we got rolling with table work time as I call it, my younger boys reviewed words they’ve learned with All About Reading. During their review Naomi worked on her Rod and Staff math and writing with Draw Write Now. Amelia worked on her phonics sounds with cards from Character Concepts. She just loves the children’s pictures on the cards! Gabriel and Liam also worked on their Math U See assignments and A Reason for Handwriting pages while I moved back and forth with each child for reading lessons

Audio Books During Lunch

During lunch I heated up leftovers from dinner the night before. I also mention in the video that we’re currently listening to Because of Winn-Dixie on Audible. I’m using Audible often during our homeschool lunches this year. We listen to wonderful classics and it’s nice that someone else does the reading while I serve lunch. 🙂 I started using Audible as a free 14-day trial where I received two free audio books. I get to keep those books, and I’ve continued my membership which allows me one additional audio book a month, plus discounts on extra purchases. 

Homeschool Read Aloud Time

Hello my favorite time of day! I love to read aloud to my children and have always kept great literature and a love for amazing books as one of the core principles of our days. I shared in 8 Things I Want New Homeschooling Moms to Know that reading and snuggling are part of my “homeschool secret weapons.” If I can get a book in my hand I know that within minutes I’ll have a captive audience. 

On this day we continued reading Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator (the sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory), and we started Johnny Tremain as part of our Sonlight Core (I haven’t shared much about how I adapt Sonlight, but since I save money on homeschool curriculum by buying used, etc – I shared all my best tips on how I save thousands on homeschool curriculum here – I feel the freedom to customize the curriculum to make it work for us.)

During read-aloud time the kids all did LEGO and Magformers creations on this particular day, including baby Daniel to some extent, which you’ll see in the video. You can see more snapshots from our read-aloud times here, here, here, and here

On this particular day we didn’t mix in any  Magic School Bus science kits  or Life of Fred readers. You can read, though, about how we use Magic School Bus kits and Life of Fred readers in our homeschool if you’re interested. 

After Homeschool 

After our core homeschooling was done for this day we rolled into dinner time, bringing in and stacking firewood (that’s some good homeschool P.E. :), bath time, then a few rounds of our favorite Dr. Seuss Matching Game before bedtime Bible verses and lights out.

Evening Games

Naomi and I had some sewing time together after the younger kiddos were in bed and then this Momma was done for the day!

Jamerrill Stewart’s Husband

I wanted to fit this info into this post about my Homeschool Mom Life day since I know some moms will ask, and it’s a perfectly fine question to ask.  People search out “Jamerrill Stewart’s husband,” online. I guess it just makes sense since I share and encourage a lot online and my husband isn’t out there sharing. Some women online write about marriage and share very little about their homemaking, slow cooking, and homeschooling, etc. We’re all called to different areas. I don’t write about marriage  mainly because that’s not my focus online. I will say though that I’ve been happily married for almost 18 years (wow!).

Daddy and Daniel making a “Liam Sandwich”

Travis is a quiet guy. Of course he talks to ME all the time, but if the conversation isn’t about classic cars and engine overhauls he’s pretty quiet online too. On this particular day that I shared above, he had an 8 hour college day that was jam-packed with classes. When he finally came home late in the afternoon he had a truck bed project he was working hard to get finished before the snow, and then he had 3 large assignments to complete for class the next day.

Happy 17-year anniversary to my gentle giant

My husband and I help one another and we’re raising our family with the love of the Lord and trusting Him to direct our steps and make them sure. Travis doesn’t want to be in a lot of videos, it’s not his thing, and that’s okay with me. He’s a human gym for our kids as you can see here and here.  But he watches every video (usually with Amelia :), and has read every blog post and social share over these last 5 years. I just wanted to throw that out there since it’s information some readers are interested in. Travis is on the other end of this computer reading this very article, and encouraging me to encourage you!

If you’re interested in learning more of my husband’s and my story you can watch my Q&A video.

If you’d like to watch the full Homeschool Mom Life {Mid-Winter Edition} just click here

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How is your mid-winter homeschool going? 

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