Homeschool Mom Life – with a migraine for “extra fun”

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Homeschool Mom Life

Homeschool Mom Life - with a migraine for "extra fun"

In today’s video I share another day in my life as a homeschool mom. Homeschool routines go as planned. Other aspects of life get totally derailed. We put forth our best effort to make the best of everyday and need lots of God’s grace to make it happen.

Wins: We enjoyed our lunch with homeschool read alouds spread out on a quilt by the pond. We had a lot of spontaneous conversation and learning. We did complete school for the day!! Dinner was on the table by 5pm (go team!).

Fails: Momma here fought a migraine that got worse throughout the day. Amelia ate butter straight from the butter tub. Mr. Liam smeared melted black crayon on his face.

It’s not Pinterest, it’s real life. Thanks for sharing the journey with us!

Click here to watch the full Homeschool Mom Life – with a migraine for “extra fun”

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