Homeschooling a two-year-old: Create a Sensory Station

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A story about a boy and his beans…
Sometimes homeschooling a two-year-old looks like this:

 Gabriel plays around and within our school time.


Then there are days when our resident toddler likes to sit at the table and “do school.” ¬†

I set Gabriel up during our school time with differing activities. ¬†He feels included with his brothers and sister in a family¬†atmosphere¬†of learning, yet he’s able to play at a moments notice. ¬†Play after all is a powerful learning tool! Recently I created a {cheap} sensory station for Gabriel. ¬†{You can read about some of his other simple activities here.} Everyday this week he has sat for over an hour lost in his own bean utopia.

To create a sensory station I used:

  • Plastic football shaped bowl {$1}
  • One bag of beans {$1} You could use rice or beads instead.
  • Plastic cups in various sizes {$free, we all have those}
  • 1-pack plastic dinosaurs {$1}
  • Large egg carton {$free}


Let me tell you, the boy loves beans.¬†He also loves to sort, pour and organize. He sits for long periods of time working at his “bean station.” ¬†There’s also a family of dinosaurs, small cars, and¬†plastic¬†trees that live in the beans. ¬†To keep these simple tactile activities engaging I only bring out this special sensory station during “school time.”

What are some stimulating activities you do with your toddler?

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