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Day in the Life Homeschool Mom of Seven

In today’s new homeschooling mom of seven day in the life video, I share another 20+ minute glimpse into my time as a homeschooling mom on an average homeschool day. Now, I start the day off very enthusiastically, as always! I share filling out my homeschool mom white board, literally my brain dump for the day, and chat about my hopes and plans. You’ll see by the end of the day I didn’t hit everything on my white board, but the important things like homeschooling, family meals, many household jobs, hiking, creative playtime, and more are done!

Homeschool Morning Routine

Before I started filming, we already had a busy morning around the house. You know I like to get the kids outside to play and take a nice hike first before we hit the heavy books. With all of our ages and stages, we need our morning hours filled with this, this, and even this! On this day it was my husband’s late day for his college classes. This means we push dinner to 7 or so. Because of this, I planned to spend longer outside enjoying the weather while we could and put our focused homeschool hours in all afternoon and into the early evening. 

You’ll see me managing lunch-time, slinging smoothies and sandwiches like a pro, or just a hungry mom who is ready to eat (you know I manage a lot of food around these here parts!). I also give Naomi some extra creative play-time because as you’ll see in the vlog, she was having such a lovely time with those Morning Glories and Pet Shop toys

Homeschool Table Work Time

During our homeschool table work time my oldest son spread out on the futon to work on his WWII movie script for a film he was shooting in a few days. Since the futon is so useful for him, I decided to check out these 6 futon mattress reviews, to see which mattress I should buy for him. Then he worked through his independent work stack. At sixteen I check over his work and work 1:1 with him as needed. Some weeks he needs more help, other weeks he plows through. It’s very similar to my 13-year-old son who is already on high school level work and actually has been since last year. You can read more of our high school plans and more in Homeschool Routines and Curriculum Plans for 2016-2017

The Encouraging Homeschool Mom Homeschool Middle School

Zion, my 13-year-old (I know he looks nineteen. It’s amazing!), working on his work pile at the kitchen counter. This works well because he can call me over at a moments notice.

Homeschool Table Work Time

During the younger children’s table work time, we did a literature inspired picture based on our latest Roald Dahl reading (here’s the free Roald Dahl Homeschool Style post ~ including complete homeschool reading guide, resources, and comprehension questions I mention in the video). Amelia also loves to build with the Magformers!

We work through math books, handwriting, and reading lessons. After about two hours or so I let the little ones go for a quick hammock break while I make homemade popcorn for our afternoon snack. Next, we head back to the table for homeschool read aloud time which included several nature books and the Sarah Whitcher Story by Elizabeth Yates (affiliate link). 

The children were enjoying the Sarah Whitcher Story so much that I plowed through reading a little longer. This is not a problem, of course. It’s one of the many joys and rewards of homeschooling, being able to read longer than I had “planned on paper.” 

Baby Daniel

During our afternoon table work time, Mr. Daniel took a long afternoon nap. I filmed this video while we we’re coming out of being sick for well over a week (the reason for several runny noses in the vlog, too). He slept about four hours on this particular afternoon, and with our sickies I let him enjoy the extra rest time. When Jadin was done with his school work he took Daniel out for some play time. I filmed some incredibly cute footage of Daniel, but it didn’t load into iMovie when I edited. I realized after the fact it didn’t get into the video. Like you know with videos, these are only snippets of our day and Daniel is very much in the middle of everything. 🙂

What Happened With Those Evening Hours?

I end up not getting to the organizing project I planned to get to that I mention early in today’s video. And I ended up getting dinner of Easy Baked Chicken and Brown Rice into the oven an hour later than planned. Somehow around 7 pm there was a weird time vortex (do you ever feel like that happens, haha?!) and I find dinner didn’t fully bake either. We’re all starving and “hangry” by this point, so I whipped out my emergency $0.33/box macaroni from Aldi thinking the dinner I planned would finish too late actually to eat. Somehow it all pulls together, and we end up eating dinner of baked chicken and brown rice, Brussel sprouts, and the emergency boxed macaroni around 8 pm.

Needless to say, this momma was tired by that point. To giggle at myself, I had shared my working homeschool mom goals of recording my new podcast that evening. Instead, this momma went to bed early! #highfive #ohyesIdid

Over the last year or so I’ve shared several homeschool mom day in the life vlogs on YouTube. If you’re new on The Encouraging Homeschool Mom, or if you’d just like to revisit your favorites, here you go:


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Of course, so many of my YouTube videos show aspects of our homeschool life, or I run my mouth about homeschooling in some way. 🙂 

You can also work through the homeschooling archives here on The Encouraging Homeschool Mom for updates and peeks into our homeschool over the last five years. Oh, my…my “big boys,” were little boys just a few short years ago!!

HOMESCHOOLING MOM OF SEVEN | Day in the Life on YouTube

Click here to watch the full HOMESCHOOLING MOM OF SEVEN | Day in the Life vlog!

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