Homeschooling Year Round–A Lifestyle of Education for Gods Glory

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Today I’m sharing about our year round homeschooling lifestyle at The Homeschool Village.  Please click on over and read the entire post!

“Over these past seven years, I’ve come to see homeschooling as a lifestyle of education. For this reason, our family naturally leans toward homeschooling year round. Our children have daily table work and responsibilities. However, we’ve never wanted to impress upon them a hard difference between school time and real life. The lines of school and life are blurred, and that is how we like it.”  Click here…

The schedule that I refer to in the article is one that I learned about from Vicky Bentley at Everyday Homemaking.  Vicki is a wealth of homeschooling wisdom for those who’d love to be encouraged by a successful veteran!

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