How God Provided When My Husband Lost His Job

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I’m writing this post today to encourage Smockity, and any woman whose husband has lost his job. Ms. Smockity posted yesterday about her new series,  “How to survive a layoff”, since her husband lost his job last week. {MoneySavingMom.com also mentioned Smockity’s new series.} When I read her post it reminded me of a testimony I’ve yet to share. Our family saw God guide us through 5 months of my husbands unemployment.  We came out of the unemployment better than we were going into it. This one’s for you Smockity!


In 2009, my husband came home without a job.  His previous employer was big-fat-meanie kind enough to let him go right before the holidays.  I just kept thinking this was not a surprise for God.  We were surprised though when my husband was denied unemployment benefits, even after we appealed {but that’s another post}. We put our hope in God not man.  During this time the LORD worked many miracles.  It was truly a time of living-by-faith and not-by-sight.

Five ways God provided when my husband lost his job.

  • MONEY IN THE MAIL! My husband’s co-workers felt badly over how & when my husband lost his job.  They felt led to send us money, which paid several bills.  This may not sound like a big deal.  However, picture your husband being out of work for over a month by this point, the bills are due and Christmas is the next week.  Now, start playing the Hallelujah Chorus as you imagine yourself opening up an envelope full of hundred-dollar bills.
  • ACCOUNTS PUT ON HOLD! Our cable and cellphone service allowed us a 6-month freeze on our contracts {{{huge blessing}}}.  If they would not have frozen our accounts we would have owed thousands more with the early cancellation clause {i.e. if you cancel early – you now owe a TON of money}.
  • GOD MADE OUR HOUSE PAYMENTS! We ended up owing $4,347.34 on our house.   When we did our taxes the money we received back was the exact amount we neededThat’s how GOOD God is!
  •  WORKING WEEKENDS FOR A SEASON. I went back to work, working weekends as a Charge Nurse {not ideal – but, we ate}. This was another miracle. In ONE phone call the LORD opened the door for me to get this temporary position.  Several local medical facilities had just LAID OFF NURSES.  Here I was not only getting a job, but getting the  “weekend only” position I needed.
  • TOTAL RESTORATION – BETTER THAN BEFORE! It took 5 months for my husband to find a job.  However, when he did go back to work it was for more money, cheaper health benefits and a better working schedule. He just had his one year anniversary in his new position.

God has a plan for Mr.  and Mrs. Smockity. He has the entire Smockity family in his hands.  Please visit Smockity Frocks {the name ALONE makes you want to visit}.  Use their Swag buck search area or consider doing your shopping through their Amazon Link.  Every little bit helps!  You can also visit her Homeschool helps and Craft section while you’re at it.  She’s a creative mother-of-eight and we could all learn a lot from her!

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