How to Freeze Milk

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Over the next few weeks I’m sharing a series about Family Food Savings, something that all of us moms can never hear enough about. ¬†Today I’m sharing how to freeze milk–an easy way to keep yourself out of the store!

© Suto Norbert | Dreamstime.com

With a growing family of seven, and a heart for many more, I’m forever on-the-hunt for creative ways to stretch our grocery dollar. On average I spend $400 per month feeding our family. ¬†As I’ve mentioned before, one of the ways I help my family cut cost is by cutting out extra shopping trips. ¬†To do so, we buy our milk once-a-month, when we do our shopping, ¬†and freeze it for later use.

I’ve¬†received¬†emails and off-blog questions about how I freeze milk. Here’s the milk freezing questions I receive most often:

  • Do I need to put my milk in a¬†separate¬†container? No, you freeze it in the plastic gallon jug it comes in–simple!
  • Can I really freeze milk? Yes, it’s easy and saves those runs to the store just for milk.
  • Why did my milk turn yellow once it was frozen? No need to worry, it’s the fat content. ¬†We drink “fat-free” milk, however there are still traces of fat. ¬†Our milk has a yellow tint to it. ¬†It returns to normal color once it’s completely thawed.
  • How long does it take to defrost? ¬†This of course varies as to the¬†temperature¬†of your house, time of year, etc. ¬†I usually set out a fresh gallon the night before. ¬†I place the frozen gallon on a plate, inside the¬†refrigerator. ¬† In the morning, I give the gallon a good shake. ¬†It’s common in our house to see someone having a turn, shaking up a gallon of milk. ¬†In my experience it takes at least 8 hours to have defrosted milk. ¬†Times will vary.

After our recent shopping trip I took pictures of our milk freezing process. In their book the Economineds suggest pouring out a small portion of the milk to allow for expansion, then freezing. I’ve done it that way. More often than not though,¬†I freeze entire gallons without pouring any milk out. It’s worked well for me.

Pour a little milk into a cup


Put the lid back on
Put the milk in the freezer

Frozen Milk

You can see that our frozen milk does have a yellow tinge while frozen.  The discoloration will go away.  Depending on our household temps, I may also let the frozen gallon set on the counter a few hours.   Try a gallon both ways and see which approach works best for you!

What grocery savings tips do you have?  What creative freezing do you do?

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