How We Throw a BIG Birthday Party—Save Time, Money and Sanity!

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Here is how it works for our family:

  1. ONE Party – We save time, money and sanity right off the bat, by having one huge annual party for our children.  We finally realized by baby number three, that all of our children have close birthdays.  We spent a few summers feeling honestly overwhelmed by having a party every few weeks.  Instead of spreading our energy, money and family/friends throughout the summer, we decided to adopt the idea of a family birthday party.  In addition to our annual “Birthday SPLASH Bash,” we still do “something special” on their actual birthday.  jamerrill's phone 065
  2. Party Outside{Sanity Saver} For us this is a huge help.  We keep the kids outside, they’re kids…they can play—it’s good for them!  From our tire swings, trampoline, pond {where they can catch some critters if they like}, zip line and water play, there is plenty of activities for the children to explore.
  3. Cook{Money Saver} After a few years of buying pizza for the party, I realized I could actually cook a lot of food for 1/2 the price.  This year I made Chicken BBQ, Chicken Salad, several different noodle salads, deviled eggs and cupcakes. I came in around feeding 50 people for $50.
  4. Cook in advance{Time Saver} We spend the day before the party with our crock pots working overtime.   I cook everything I possibly can in advanced. Little things like chopping the fruits and veggies I do the morning of the party.

    jamerrill's phone 013

  5. Pot Luck{Money Saver} We ask guest to bring a dish, similar to a church pot luck, everyone loves a pot luck.  Whether guest bring a bag of chips, soda or a watermelon, it all adds up to a yummy time!
  6. Dollar Tree{Money Saver} Every state has their own flavor of stores.  In Virginia they’re called “Dollar Tree.”  I buy party plates, balloons, streamers, plastic ware, you-name-it, at the dollar tree.
  7. Enlist the kids{Sanity Saver} This year my oldest son made the deviled eggs.  Instead of separate birthday cakes we made 120 cupcakes.  Our three oldest children iced and decorated them. Below is a picture of Naomi putting mini crowns on her “girl-only” cupcakes.  We also used the upcoming birthday bash as inspiration to clean nooks and cranny’s that needed attention.

    jamerrill's phone 007

  8. Water and Splashing is free and fun{Money Saver} We hook up a $5 Slip n’ Slide, add in a bunch of water guns,  fill buckets and kiddie pools full of water and leave out a pack of water balloons—the kids have a ball!

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  9. Be creative with your space{Sanity Saver} We don’t have enough picnic tables for 50.  We do however have quilts.  I spread quilts out on our lawn, which offers a creative space for people to eat or rest on.travis's phone 138
  10. Making memories{Makes it all worth it} Ah, I’ll leave with you a quote from our 11 year old, after this being our 4th Birthday Splash Bash this past weekend…”Wow, these parties just keep getting better and better each year! And Momma here says, “Amen!”

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