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HUGE Large Family $620 Once-A-Month Grocery Shopping Haul! $17.22 per person/per week!

HUGE Large Family $620 Once-A-Month Grocery Shopping Haul! $17.22 per person/per week!

Large Family once-a-month grocery shopping haul

Well you guys, I finally did it! You know that since our big move I haven’t gotten in a once-a-month grocery shopping trip. I’ve weekly worked the amazing deals at Aldi along with simple weekly large family meal plans. I needed to get to “know” Aldi before I felt I could tackle a once-a-month grocery shopping trip there. After several successful Aldi one week grocery shopping hauls over these last few months, I feel I now know the store well enough to plan a Large Family 4-Week Meal Plan largely around it. 

Before my big once-a-month grocery shopping day I sat down with my family meal planning collection. I planned out 4-Weeks of meals, along with my freezer cooking day needs. Then my two teen sons and I headed to our local Aldi and loaded up four full carts! I figured my Aldi list would run around $600. I had another $200 list planned for Wal-Mart. (Additionally I had a $250 household needs list for the month. That is separate from our grocery budget. I’ll share that haul another day soon.)

My grand totals actually came in under budget! Everything on my Aldi list only came to $404! I love, love, love, that store. 🙂 I figured Aldi was going to cut my regular large family grocery budget by several hundred dollars. After a few months we’ll know for sure. 

I was able to get all the needed items for our breakfast, lunches, and dinners for the next 4-weeks. In about 2-weeks I’ll take another $150-$200 cash (you can read here about How to Stick to a Cash Based Grocery Budget) to do a small fill-in-the-gaps haul. The small haul will be for more milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurt/frozen smoothie fruit, and anything else I feel we’re getting squirrelly on. 

Large Family Aldi Grocery Shopping Haul

Aldi Once-a-Month Grocery Haul


Seedless Watermelon $2.99 x2

Frozen Blueberries $2.19 x3

Zucchini 3-Pack $1.99 x1

Celery $1.49 x2

Lettuce $1.29 x1 (will get more at my quick fill-in haul)

Strawberries $1.39 x8

Sweet Onions 2/lbs @ $0.99

Red Potatoes 5/lbs @ $2.99

Garlic $0.69 x1

Cantaloupe $1.39 x1 

Bananas $0.44/lb x20 lbs

Let’s not forget 30 loaves of bread for $0.99!

Pantry Items

Baking Mix x4 $1.99

Whole Wheat Flour $2.49 x2

Brown Sugar  $1.29 x2

Cinnamon  $0.99 x4

Yeast  $0.79 x3

Cooking Spray  $1.49 x4

Garlic Powder  $0.99 x4

Onion Powder  $0.99 x4

Canola Oil  $1.99 x3

Ketchup  $1.49 x2

Ground Cumin  $0.99 x3

Pure Vanilla  $2.49 x1 (I really should have gotten a few more…)

Lite Pancake Syrup $1.49 x6

Oatmeal $2.39 x4

Tea Bags $1.89 x2 boxes

Jelly $1.49 x6

Peanut Butter  $1.49 x6 

All-Purpose Flour x8 $0.89 (I figured this is enough flour for months, even with all my baking!)

Honey  $4.99 x1

Coffee  $4.69 HELLO! x1

Whole Wheat Spaghetti x8 $0.89 (more than we need for one month)

Hard Taco Shells x24 @ $0.89 (*Not sure* how many we really need. We have tacos weekly so let’s see if I have any left after this 4-weeks.)

Soft Taco Shells $1.69 x4

Flour Tortillas $1.19 x4

Canned Items

Canned Corn $0.49 x12

Diced Tomatoes $0.55 x4

Lima Beans $0.79 x4

Black Beans $0.59 x7

Kidney Beans $0.59 x7

Northern Beans $0.59 x4  

Meat for the Month

Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breasts 9.6 lbs @ $1.69/lb (on sale!)

80% Lean Ground Beef 30 .lbs @$2.29/lb (on sale!)

Dairy/Refrigerator Items

Whipped Dairy Topping  $2.29×2

Vanilla Coffee Creamer  $2.19 x1

Hazelnut Coffee Creamer $2.19 x1

Shredded Mozzarella $2.99 x5

Shredded Mild Cheddar $2.99 x5 (it was cheaper per pound already shredded)

Eggs $0.59/dozen x20 (needed with lots of baking, etc!)

Skim Milk $1.79 x10 (will fill in at smaller fill-in haul)

Wal-Mart Once-a-Month Grocery Haul 


Apples 5/lb $5.92 x2

Corn on the Cob $0.20 x16

Large Bag of Frozen Broccoli $5.98 x2

Pantry Items

Spaghetti Sauce $0.98 x12

Brown Rice $0.82/lb x12

Pepperoni Stick $6.63 x3 (fav snack of my hubby 🙂

Pepperoni Bag $2.98 x4

Chili Powder $2.92 x1

Canned Refried Beans $1.38 x10 (my “easy card,” since I knew I wanted to do a ton of freezer burritos)

Baking Sugar $4.48 x1

Stevia $4.98 x1

Apple Sauce $1.98 x10 

Tomato Sauce $1.24 x4

Dry Pinto Beans 20/lb bag $16.32 x1 (this should be 3-6 months worth of dried beans 🙂

Diary/Refrigerator Items

Butter 80 .oz tub $5.48 x2

Sour Cream $3.97 x2

American Cheese Block $12.88 x1

Smoked Turkey Deli Meat $5.98 x2

Bacon $9.24

Bacon $4.98 x2


So the grand total is right around $220 at Wal-mart and around $400 at Aldi!

HUGE Large Family $620 Once-A-Month Grocery Shopping Haul

Click here to watch the full HUGE Large Family $620 Once-A-Month Grocery Shopping Haul vlog on YouTube!

Large Family Meal Plan

Large Family Meal Plan

If you’d like to see my most recent 4-Week meal plan for my large family here’s the current large family meal plan including 90 meals, 60 snacks, recipes, and helps! You’ll see it consists of several freezer meals, slow cooker meals, big weekend meals, and themed nights. 

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