Rejoice: It’s a Daily Choice Free Printable

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Free Rejoice Printable

My family and I have been very busy this week.  It has been a fruitful busy-but nonetheless-busy.  At times I have found myself cranky, or honestly, on the verge of tears.  Do you ever do that; get so tired that crying and going to sleep sound like a good idea?

Sometimes it is.

Even in the middle of blessings abounding you can exhaust yourself.  I had a day along those lines this week.

I start thinking *weird* when I’m exhausted. I know then, it’s time to shut my brain off. When I went to bed that night I was hopeful for a new outlook when I woke up.  The next morning I chose to rejoice.  In the mist of several factors that I’ll spare you, rejoicing was my only choice.  That’s the best place to be, even though it’s a sacrifice at the time.

Click below for your free rejoice Printable.  It’s a power verse of Psalm 118:24.

Print out this free printable and post it in places that you’ll see it often.

Undoubtedly, God’s Word works, every time.


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