Jesus, Help Me Not Freak Out

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As moms we all have days that are harder than others.  Days where hormones, sleep deprivation, family crisis, sickness or for whatever reason, we feel like our head is not screwed on just right.  Honestly, we may not know the reason behind why our day seems hard.

Most days I willingly cling to a power verse

Some days, all I have to offer is a crude prayer.

Jesus, Help Me Not Freak Out

Those days are a fight–it’s spiritual warfare over the dishes, noise and the messes that ensue.  Our husbands, children, homes and homeschool are a blessing, we know they are.   But God knows us.  He knows that in this flesh we need help. I need help. This is why He gave us His Word. 

Recently as I cooked for our annual Birthday Splash Bash in which we have one massive birthday celebration for all of our children, I kept having waves of feeling overwhelmed {do you blame me}.  Yes, my children are a blessing.  Yes, the party is fun and all of our friends and family come celebrate with us.

However, life happens.

Within the excitement of my children, and the joy of having a massive fellowship day with our sweet loved ones, I had reality to deal with.  Reality of cooking for 50 + people.  Reality of only having one toilet that flushes properly.  Reality that I had a  lot of deviled eggs to fill.  And, surprise, my husband was called into work instead of being home as planned to help me prepare.

Jesus, Help Me Not Freak Out

As I kept up my pace over two days preparing for our party–running to a boiling pot of water, or stepping outside to help the younger children hang multicolored streamers, I kept praying “Jesus, help me not freak out.” And as crude as that prayer sounds, that is what I had to offer. God heard my prayer, just as it was–A prayer of a mother seeking peace within the blessed chaos and fractured intentions of the day.  A prayer that said, “I can’t do this without You.”

What do you find yourself praying on those kind of days?  Do you feel God meets you in whatever you are?

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