Large Family Grocery Haul | ALDI & Walmart | Grocery Therapy Needed ?

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Large Family Grocery Haul | ALDI & Walmart | Grocery Therapy Needed ?

In October (I know October, and here we are at almost Thanksgiving when I’m publishing this #howIroll), I went back into ALDI for the first time since last spring when I was in the heat of 3rd trimester pregnancy. Around that time the heavens parted and the dear Lord above shone his mercy upon me as Walmart Grocery Pick Up became an option. As much as I have continued to love Walmart’s online ordering and grocery pick up, I couldn’t wait until I was able to actually walk back into ALDI again. Once you love ALDI it’s hard to shop anywhere else. You kinda feel like you’re cheating or something by shopping at another store. 

However, as you’ll see in my new Large Family Grocery Haul vlog, I had a confusing shopping reunion experience at ALDI this go round. I felt like I needed grocery therapy by the time it was all over. Many of the prices were similar to Walmart’s and not too much excited my large family mom shopping brain in the store.  

I take you out shopping with me, share my deep grocery feelings, and both the ALDI and Walmart hauls back at home in today’s new Large Family Grocery Haul vlog.


Click here to watch the full Large Family Grocery Haul | ALDI & Walmart | Grocery Therapy Needed vlog!



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