Large Family Grocery Shopping Haul GONE WRONG!

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Large Family Grocery Shopping Haul GONE WRONG!


Ugh, you guys won’t believe what I did! This is my large family grocery shopping haul GONE WRONG.


I spent a lovely long time planning out my perfect Aldi haul. I had my large family recipes planned out based on what I knew Aldi would have. I took my teen boys out for a fun dinner at Cracker Barrel. We had a good time enjoying dinner together and caused trouble (haha)…next thing I knew we walked into Aldi and they closed in less than 20-minutes. No way I could do my huge once a month grocery shopping haul in 20-minutes. Watch the rest of today’s grocery shopping haul to see what happened.

As course a fun time out with my big boys is never “wrong,” I just wish Aldi wouldn’t been open until 9pm, lol!

You can see my Large Family Household Haul GONE WRONG here!


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