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Friends, I know I’ve been quiet online the last week or so. We’ve had to spend a lot of time on the road (but look at this cool table Travis built to make preparing and serving quick meals on the go). I believe life will settle for me a bit by next week and I can get back to a steady flow of encouraging videos, articles, and resources for you. 

Large Family Mom Day in the Life

Before this recent outbreak of cray-cray, I filmed this Large Family Mom Day in the Life Vlog. I didn’t really start the day thinking I’d film a “Large Family Mom” day.  I was inspired to pick up my little GroPro (affiliate link) and catch snippets to share as I was able. I share the food juggling, dog chasing, garden weeding, stream playing, parts of our day, along with how we didn’t get done with dinner until 8:30 pm. As I edited and watched the footage, I laughed at the volume of food I was always planning, preparing, and managing – which you quickly see in my kitchen. I’m also forever covered with little ones and attempting to keep the house clean and laundry moving in-between. As I watched, I figured many of you could identify with the “Large Family Mom,” or any size family mom, moments of my day. 🙂

The Working Homeschool Mom

There’s also another big aspect to my life, which if you’ve followed me online for a bit now you’ll also know, I run a full-time business from home. I have many weeks where I only work 10-15 hours a week. I also have weeks where I work somewhere between 20-30 hours, depending. My blogging and online efforts brought my husband home full-time several years ago to help make it all work. It’s all still an incredibly busy, blessed, and buzzing life. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I *do* love, love, love, what I do!

Encouragement from Instagram

It’s just the reality of sharing online also means that I have to fit work hours into most days, whether I’m working 2-hours, 4-hours, more or less. As I share in today’s video I do that very simply during this season by working many evenings. You can read my Real Life Work at Home Mom Schedule Series here. I wrote this over a year ago, but many juggling aspects hold true. If you let me know that you’d like to hear more about my working homeschool mom schedule attempts, I’ll gladly share more on those dynamics. 

Our Gentle Year Round Homeschooling Flow & FAQs

I hope this little peak at my Large Family Mom Day in the Life encourages you as you move throughout your day with your children and various responsibilities.  I also share in today’s video how we’re sticking with our natural afternoon homeschooling rhythms for most days for summer. You can see in our Homeschool Mom Life {Mid Winter Edition} that during colder months (Nov-March) we start school earlier in the day. We spend longer times doing homeschool lessons around the kitchen table, read alouds, playing games, etc.  However during the beautiful months (April-Oct) we don’t get started until after lunch time. And on this particular day we ended up doing light evening schooling so we could soak up a longer afternoon in the forest. Those days happen too, and they’re beautiful. Homeschooling year round allows us to take a gentler pace. I like to sprinkle approximately 16 weeks off throughout our year which includes family travels, life events, and even mental health and extra house cleaning days. 🙂 

Where’s My Husband

I often get this question so I just like to throw the answer out there. As usual my hubby isn’t in this video but for a split second. If you play i-Spy you’ll see vehicles move to different places as he was working on changing out the brakes in our van on this filming day. Our teen boys helped him in the morning, then hit their homeschool study stacks of higher grade level work for the day. As I always say, they don’t “live up my armpit” as the little children do, so they don’t always make it into every video. 



Click here to watch the full LARGE FAMILY MOM DAY IN THE LIFE {Early Summer Edition}

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