LIVE Periscopes and More Helps of Time4Learning in Homeschool Action!

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LIVE Periscopes of Time4Learning in Homeschool Action!

Time4Learning Homeschooling-2

I’ve shared our homeschool family experience working with and using sponsor Time4Learning within our homeschool since last winter. It was so helpful to utilize Time4Learning this summer while traveling when our 2-week visit to Grandmother’s farm accidently on purpose turned into a nearly one month adventure. You can also see my tips on getting started mixing in Time4Learning.

Going along with how we’re using Time4Learning with our littlest learners I’ve recently done two live Periscopes that show T4L in action! In this Periscope Liam gives you a view as he works through a Language Arts lesson

DeckSchooling with Time4Learning

You may think that by utilizing the computer in our homeschool, it cuts down on outside time and fresh air that’s good for our souls. Not so with the flexibility of Time4Learning.  Check out how Gabriel and Liam enjoy using T4L in the great outdoors!

This afternoon both Gabriel and Liam enjoyed completing their #homeschool language arts and math lessons from sponsor @time4learning on the back deck. I love ❤️ when we can homeschool outdoors!”

In this Time4Learning Periscope, I share a look at Gabriel’s “DeckSchooling” with T4L. This was just one of those gorgeous fall days and schooling on the deck was a natural fit for our forest living. Not only do you get to see Gabriel in T4L homeschool action, but you also get in on viewers comments about my lovely thrift store sweater find, what’s for dinner, and we discuss how I’m so glad my hair is no longer orange (haha). 

Watch Time4Learning in Homeschool Action on YouTube

I shared a full YouTube video this summer that showed our Time4Learning and the Traveling Homeschool. In this homeschool vlog, you’ll see several of the children working through their evening lessons. I also walk you through how the Time4Learning dashboard works. 

I plan to share several more live Periscopes from our homeschool Time4Learning time over the coming months. Be sure to follow me there if you’re not already. 

Be sure to check out this 60-second tour of how Time4Learning works here!

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