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I’m so glad you found me here. I help mommas live their best lives for God’s Glory! I’m a Jesus loving wife to one (married 23+ years) and long-time homeschool mom to 9. I only know MEGA and LOTS. Here I share all about easy home cooking for a house full, homeschooling, and motherhood for God’s glory.



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Family of Nine Aldi One Week Grocery Haul + Large Family Meal Plan { Haul only $165 = $18.33 per person!)

Family of Nine Aldi One Week Grocery Haul + Meal Plan {only $165 = $18.33 per person!)

Family of Nine Aldi One Week Grocery Haul + Large Family Meal Plan { Haul only $165 = $18.33 per person!)

 Family of Nine Aldi One Week Grocery Haul + Meal Plan {only $165 = $18.33 per person!)

I know, I could hardly believe it either when I did the math. I only spent $165 in food at Aldi for the next week which breaks down to only $18.33 per family member based on what I spent at Aldi!

Hello, somebody!

As I mentioned in my video, I took in my grocery list and $200 cash. I not only got everything on my list, I was ALSO able to buy several additional items for my pantry which will come in handy with upcoming Large Family Meal Plans. And I came out with unexpected savings of $36.39! See the bottom of my post for the amazing deal I was able to snag with my savings. 🙂

Granted this is not based on an empty refrigerator and pantry. We have food here, for sure! However I’m just taking my regular large family grocery budget for the month (which breaks down to $27.77 per family member on a weekly basis), and going weekly during this season after we’re adjusting from our huge move

Large Family Aldi Haul

Click here to watch the full Family of Nine Aldi One Week Grocery Haul + Meal Plan {only $165 = $18.33 per person!) vlog, if you’d like!  

I tell you, you guys are so smart. So many of you have been singing the praises of Aldi for so long. Before my closest Aldi was nearly an hour away. Now I have one less than 20-miles away and I’m so excited. In fact I mention how *excited* I am about 20-times in today’s video, ha!

Here’s the price breakdown of everything I bought at Aldi:

insert hallelujah course here 🙂

Fruit and Veggies:

Cucumbers $.49 each x5

Zucchini $1 for a 4 pack (I could cry, I tell you!) x2 – they were actually advertised as a “3-pack,” but each of my packs have 4. 

Green Onions $.99 x1

Baby Carrots $.89 x2

Avocados $.49 x5

Garden Salad Bags $.69 x2 

Italian Salad Bag $.89 x1

Bananas $.44/lb x 15 .lbs (oh, just 15 pounds of bananas!)

Blackberries $.99 x2

Greens Trio Mix Bag $.99 x1

Bag of Red Apples $1.99 x1

3 Mixed Peppers $1.99 x1

2-pack of Green Peppers $1.19 x1

5-pack Sweet Potatoes $1.99 x1 

Bag of Mini Peppers $1.99 x1


This week I only bought one pack of hamburger for our double Taco Nights.

One pack of 5 .lb Ground Beef $12.07

Salami $2.49 x1

Canned Goods/Boxed Items/Pantry Staples

Meat and Canned Goods

Case of boxed Mac n’ Cheese $0.33 each x24 (this is my momma sanity saving case, pushed in the back of the pantry for REAL LIFE fails, overflows, and needs — it happens to the best of us, ha!)

Hard Taco Shells $.99 x4

Soft Taco Shells $1.69 x4

Spicy Mustard $1.19 x1 

Regular Mustard $.59 x1

Olive Oil Spray $1.49 x1

Table Salt $.39 x1 

Canned Corn $.49 x4

Peanut Butter $2.99 x2

Grape Jelly $1.49 x1

Onion Powder $.99 x1

Garlic Powder $.99 x1

Canned Tuna $.65 x10

Corn Flakes $1.49 x1

Honey Nut Oats $1.19 x2

Oat Fashioned Oats $2.39 x1


 Wheat Bread $.99 x4 Deli Rolls $1.49  x5 (I call them Hoagie Rolls in the video) Flat Bread $2.29 (I believe I misspoke and said $.99 in the video)

Snack/Treat Items

Ice Cream Tubs $4.99 x2

Waffle Cones $1.59 x1

Cake  Cones $1.19 x1

Pretzels $1.29 x2

Cocktail Peanuts $2.39 x1

Cake Mix $0.99 x2

Icing $1.29 x2

Banana Chips $2.19 x2

Vanilla Wafers $1.29 x2

Chocolate Chip Muffins $2.49 (the girls had this special snack during our “girl time out” 🙂 )

Additional Dairy

Milk $1.83/Gallon x6 

Cottage Cheese $2.29 x2  

Our Large Family Meal Plan for this Week

If you’re new here we’re a growing family of nine with 6ft+ tall teenage boys, a husband who eats most of his meals at home, plus myself, and 5 additional children who all eat and like 2nd helpings too! And for grins here’s baby Daniel’s first independent ice-cream cone. 🙂 You can find more large family meal planning ideas here. 


Large Family Dinners

I start by planning our family dinners and add simple breakfasts and lunches around those. Dinner is the star around here!

Monday: Chili

We had a jam-up with last week’s meal plan (several kids and hubby sick). We ended up having our large family style chili for Sunday/Monday, instead of Saturday/Sunday. Clear as mud? 🙂 Here’s our large family chili recipe.

Tuesday/Wednesday: Tacos

Some meals are so good, and such favorites, that we can eat them two nights in a row. We’ll set out both hard and soft shell tacos, lots of veggies, etc. 

Thursday: Turkey/Veggie Hoagies

This is just my attempt to add another meal to our rotation. Like I mention in the video, I’ll stuff them full of veggies and add some good sides like cucumber slices, pepper slices, etc. 

Friday: Breakfast for Dinner

 How to Cook Bacon in the Oven

Hey, hey, I love this new trick of cooking bacon in the oven – woot! 

Saturday/Sunday: Large Family Style Beans, Rice, and Cornbread!

Beans, Rice, and Cornbread will be our big weekend meal. It has been a few weeks since we’ve had it and my husband really enjoys it!


Large Family French Toast Scrambled eggs, fried eggs, cold cereal, cottage cheese/fruit, bagels with topping, french toast on the weekend.


  • Fruit/Veggies Snack Plates, Quick Sandwiches, Leftovers, Smoothies

Now for my quick “mom lunches,” I’ve been doing personal favorites like tuna over avocado, or cottage cheese with some lean turkey, avocado, and tomato thrown in

The kids love it when I throw these easy snack plates together, too. Below you’ll see it’s just raisins, black berries, cucumbers, carrots, and cottage cheese. They really love it when we make face plates! You can add hard boiled eggs, grapes, whatever is your family’s healthy faves. 

Easy Homeschool Lunch Plates

We currently don’t have any PBJs in the freezer (sad, we need to do that again soon!), but if it’s feeling like a quick sandwich day, I can have one of my older boys make a full loaf of sandwiches during our busy homeschooling time if need be. 


  • Banana/Glass of Milk, Sliced Apple with spoonful of Peanut Butter, Baby Carrots, Leftovers always available.

I find if the kids get a good amount of protein with every meal it saves on a lot of snacking. Although for in-between meal snacks we always have bananas, glorious bananas! A banana and a glass of milk can go a long way. Also besides the apples and bananas shown in this haul we still have some apples and oranges left from last week’s grocery haul

Special Treats

  • Cupcakes, Ice cream Cones, Pretzels, Vanilla Cookies, Banana chips

 As I mentioned in today’s new grocery haul video we we’re making 48 cupcakes for our Mother’s Day lunch. Ice Cream Cones are a special treat during special times during the week (basically that means whenever mom offers one :), and I figured we could bring a bag of pretzels, small box of cookies, or banana chips with us on our waterfall exploring afternoons as an extra treat. Remember the treats shown in the video are divided by 9. 🙂

Family of Nine Aldi One Week Grocery Haul + Meal Plan {only $165 = $18.33 per person!) VLOG

    Click here to watch the full Family of Nine Aldi One Week Grocery Haul + Meal Plan {only $165 = $18.33 per person!) vlog    


Also, not included in the food receipt above 🙂 

With my unexpected savings of $36.39 I was able to take advantage of an in store unbelievable mark down! Aldi already had hanging baskets marked down to $4.99, but on this particular day they had the $4.99 baskets down to only $2.99. I consider it a blessing from the Lord for our new house. I bought 12 with my savings!

Aldi Flower Basket Deal  

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