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My Real Life Work-at-Home Mom Schedule: Part Two

Work-at-Home Mom Schedule


Yesterday I shared part one of my work-at-home mom schedule in My Real Life Work-at-Home Mom Schedule Part One Рstart there if you missed it!

Part one was to introduce our current family dynamics. Today’s post is a good bit longer because I dissect much of our daily family schedule for you.

Even though I run a full-time business, my goal is to be full-on focused mom from 7am-7pm when our home is alive and active.

Trade-offs and Commitments

Part of the trade-off for me to work from home is that we’re very selective of our outside commitments and activities. ¬†My husband and I usually teach Financial Peace University at our local church one night a week. That’s our¬†fun date night ūüėČ and we feel it’s very important for us to help local families with Dave Ramsey goodness.

We’re also in a local homeschool group that meets for a full¬†day every 3rd Thursday. Along with¬†those activities, and church on Sunday mornings, we have a few close¬†families with whom we get together for fellowship as often as possible. Besides that, we’re fairly boring and we like it that way, ha!

Gabriel and Liam, crayfish catching at our pond.

I also feel it’s worth mentioning that when¬†the weather changes we basically¬†live outside in the fresh country air from April through October and that season will have a completely different schedule as far as our daytime routine. We do a lot of homeschool book learning outside on a quilt under our shady tree. The kids also do quite a bit of frog catching, tree climbing, and all those sunshine-filled activities.

Work-at-Home Mom Schedule

Here we go. You may either love me or hate me once you read what a day around here involves! Without further ado, here is my *current* work-at-home mom schedule.

6am-7am I have my morning Bible and journal time while nursing the baby and juggling a cup of coffee. The entire house is quiet for nearly an hour. It’s a very needed time for my soul.

7-7:30am I get myself ready for the day before too many people in our household are on the move. During this time my two youngest boys are bopping around and also get themselves dressed for the day.

The night before, I have my older sons set out the youngest boys’ new clothes for the upcoming day on the kitchen table. This way the little boys, Gabriel (5 1/2) and Liam (4), are in the routine of getting themselves dressed once they come downstairs.¬†

7:30-8:30am The entire household gets dressed and ready for the day. (Hear me shouting, CHARGE!) Family breakfast and family Bible reading time.

8:30-11:30am Homeschool Tablework Time

Jadin (14) and Zion (11) have about 2-hours of fairly independent work most days. They usually work in the living room, each spread out with his laptop and workbox on a couch, while the younger kids and I spread out at the kitchen table.  Around 10:30ish I work with the older kids as needed for up to an hour. The littles have had a fairly filling time with me, and Naomi will lead them to play some sort of adventure. Here I share more about Homeschooling with Little Ones {& Keeping Your Sanity!}.

11:30am-12:30pm Family Lunch + Bible Time

Sometimes I’ve scheduled a light lunch for myself towards the end of our tablework time in an effort to read to the¬†children¬†while they eat¬†their¬†lunch. It sounds nice but¬†I’ve found I usually end up¬†a starving mess by the middle of read-aloud time when I do this. Then I’m disrupting children who are, by that point, listening quietly – a big no, no. I’ve realized we just need a real lunch break and I need to actually eat. ūüôā

12:30pm-2:30pm  Homeschool Read Aloud Time

Ah, one of my favorite times of the day Рread alouds!  Here you can find several read alouds that we seem to read again most years. Usually, the current babies/toddlers go down for a nap at this time. The kids get out their LEGOs, sewing, drawing, or other hand activities to work on while I read to them from our latest stack of books. 

2:30-4pm Quiet personal reading or additional creative time (older children homeschool tablework overflow if needed).

This is how I work in my personal reading time for my reading list–something I’m trying to do more of in 2015! ¬†Their choice is either “create¬†quietly or read.” Personal projects are done during this time or they find a quiet spot with a stack of books like mom.¬†

4-5pm Family Game Time

Family game time is something we add in daily during the harsher winter season. Throughout the year we try for family game time once or twice a week. But in the winter, let’s just do it daily!

5-6pm Family Dinner + family Bible reading time

You may have noticed by now that every meal has “family Bible reading time.” This is our goal and it only takes a few minutes longer at every meal. Even a short Bible reading time of one chapter at every meal adds up to be 3 chapters a day, 21 chapters a week together as a family! It’s a habit I first heard about from Ann Voskamp in The 1 Habit at Every Meal that Will Change Your Life. We certainly have had seasons of blunder where we’ve gotten out of this habit. We’re working it back in for 2015!

6-7pm Younger Children: Bath/Showers as needed. Bedtime stories, songs, short Bible memory time with younger children and those children in bed by 7.

On bath nights we do bedtime stories, songs, and Bible verses in the bathtub. It’s mutli-tasking at its best!

6-8pm Older Children: Household chores, various tasks. 8-10 Free-time for older children and bed by 10.

After the evening household chores are completed by the three oldest children (8, 11, 14) they can have technology time or additional free time. This is when Minecraft is played, LEGO stop-motion animation videos are made, and sometimes TV is even watched. ūüôā Naomi likes to do her extra sewing projects during this time as well. Additional chores are done by the entire family throughout the day. That’s another post!

7-11pm MOM WORK: By this point of the day I have had 12 hours of being a full-on mom. Now I work to tackle my professional goals and business tasks.

  • 7-8:30¬†Write eBook
  • 8:30-10¬†Blog articles (Actual content pieces like you’re reading now, not the daily homeschool freebies and deals. Those are now done by team members that I oversee.)
  • 10-11¬†Various business tasks (as I shared in Part One,¬†these are the tasks that no one sees, like bookkeeping, handling my inbox, advertiser needs, and more.)

Currently, I’m on an evening schedule swing and I’m working 4 hours most evenings. Sometimes I get on a morning swing in which I’ll go to bed around 7 or 8 pm right after my little children and get up around 3 or 4 am to work these same hours in the early mornings. However, since my pregnancy with Daniel and his recent birth I’m more of a night owl so I’m not fighting that either.

11 pm Mom BED!

Now, if you notice, this schedule only shows approximately 4 hours a night of my business working time Рabout 20 to 28 hours a week, depending on if I work 5 or 6 nights in a given week. Here is part three with my final Work-at-Home Mom Scheduling Secret Weapon that bumps me up to a 35-38 hour work week.

This is how my schedule currently looks. How about you?  What does your work-at-home mom schedule look like?

2018 Update

I wrote the above article in 2015. I’ve since written helpful working homeschool mom articles in 2018 that share and update you on my journey and may give you ideas for your own journey.



2020 Update –> ūüí•WORK AT HOME HOMESCHOOLING MOMS with 19 KIDS!!! How We Run Businesses, Homeschool, & Run Our Homes!

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