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{Trophy Mom}

I’ve received emails from ladies wondering what happened to the “Trophy Mom: For Moms Who Need the Victory” Bible study series that I started in January. ¬† Oh believe me, I am very much aware that I haven’t been posting it. ¬†You see I am a mom in need of victory. ¬†Trophy Mom was supposed to be a weekly series where as “iron sharpens iron” we encouraged one another in God’s Word, shared our devotional goals, and linked up faith post.

What happened?

I freaked out.

I got majorly¬†overwhelmed; I honestly had to just step back before I deleted this entire blog. ¬†I’m raising my hand that I am very human and need *tons of Grace.*

The good news is that when we try to step out in new areas and we’re met with opposition from the enemy, it’s a good sign that we’re on the right track. ¬†However, as I’m sure you’ve¬†experience, it can be very hard to navigate under heavy attack.

Every weekend as I tried to post my part of the Trophy Mom series the fire darts rained down. I spent 6-hours¬†unsuccessful one Saturday trying to load a video that I¬†recorded for the series…time sponge.¬†¬†One weekend I managed to post the 31-Day Bible Reading Plan for Moms; as I mentioned in that post my baby grabbed a hot pizza pan that weekend among other happenings.

My heart burns to lead mothers in God’s Word. I have made several¬†failed¬†attempts at starting other “devotional/faith” blogs. ¬†It seems that with God’s Grace I can only do one site. SO, with your prayers I’m going to push through the fog that I’ve been under and attempt to get this Trophy Mom study back on its feet. ¬†I’m not going to do a link-up right now. ¬†{Thank you to you ladies who were linking up!}

¬†I’m going to ¬†post at some point most weekends, in Jesus Mighty, Mighty, Name.

And so, in light of my own big, fat,¬†failures that the enemy is so good at reminding about, here is some ammunition to fight back the lies with the truth of God’s Word!

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