Our Homeschool Life for May: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Headed

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Country life adventures in May

My husband and I planned out the month of May in advance because we knew that it could potentially be a whirlwind. I was signed up to speak at the Teach Them Diligently Conventions. I didn’t want my speaking to be a stressful family event. Insert my awesome family support system. If you ever want to know how I work online and insert a few speaking engagements here and there, just know that my husband and my mom are super supportive and together make it possible.

So, once we returned from our homeschool vacation in Outer Banks North Carolina, we turned right around and headed to my mom’s farm for the entire month of May.


Jadin, taking Naomi on the ziiiiip line!

The kids had an abundance of farm life adventures, hikes to the waterfall, and even some canoeing and ice-skating. I was able to easy hop on a plane at a nearby airport and head to the conventions. I didn’t have to stress over childcare, menu planning for while I was gone, or even worry about laundry.   This was a huge blessing to me and made my sharing at TTD possible. Thanks, Mom! 😉


We had some big family happenings in May as well. Our oldest son Jadin started shaving. Note the crowd of onlookers. I can’t believe this time has come, but I’m so thankful that we’re all home together and these major life events are family events.


Our son Gabriel turned 4. Don’t worry, we didn’t catch the streamers on fire, although now that I see the pictures I admit that they were hanging pretty low.  We do a large family birthday bash for all of our kids late in the Summer. However on their actual birthdays we celebrate with a small party too. This was Gabriel’s birthday breakfast. Birthday cake for breakfast is always fun.

This week we hope to get in our big Summer garden. I’m also making huge changes to our monthly meal plan and the way we grocery shop. I’ve heard from some readers that they’d like to know more about how I feed our family of eight so I’ll be sharing more about that starting this week.

Also, not a huge end-of-the-world thing, but I’ve had a few issues on this site the last few days. Because of that I’m a few days behind on my 20 Days of Father’s Day Gift Ideas and Deals series. I plan on picking it right back up tomorrow now that my site hiccups have subsided.

That’s a little bit of the recent adventures of our family. We’ll start tomorrow with a new week of homeschool freebies and deals!

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