Simple Toddler Sorting Activity

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Gabriel is almost two.  He’s been homeschooling since he started sitting in his booster seat at the kitchen table.  He squeals to “do-school, do-school, do-school!”  Here is an easy toddler learning activity that keeps him busy for a long time!
What’s needed:
1.) Foam shapes. {these are from a necklace making kit we have}
2.) Plastic cups. {every mother has a TON of these Smile}
Toddler Sorting Activity
He sorts, stacks, and organizes his shapes in different cups and bowls.
Recently, we’ve been working on sorting by colors and counting as he places the shapes in different containers.
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He’s a very serious worker.
This is a simple toddler activity that will keep a toddler learning and busy.  All though it’s hard to STOP toddlers from doing anything different.  You can also set up this activity using rocks, twigs, poker chips, crayons, beans, pom-pom balls and whatever else you can come up with!
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