Some days need to start with a Pancake Party

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pancake party

One of the many reasons why I love homeschooling is because I have the freedom to be spontaneous and follow the fun ideas that pop up in my head with my children.

Like today for example we woke up to a rainy morning. I thought, “gee, pancakes would be a cheerful way to start the day despite this rain.”    I announced to the kids that on account of rain (and their mother’s whim!) we were turning our morning into a pancake party!



Our pancake party wasn’t grand, but it was one of those priceless memory making times for our family.  It didn’t take a lot of supplies, money, or planning.

It was simply us making pancakes as a family.

It was me pushing aside my to-do list and my agenda for the morning to follow this fun idea to wherever it was taking us. 

pancake party

Each child took turns either helping make the batter, flipping pancakes, getting toppings ready, or rolling forks and napkins.  Once we had two plates piled high we were ready for the next phase of our “party.”



I let the kids take their plates into the living room to eat. In the living room we watched an animal documentary on Netflix while we enjoyed our pancakes. It was a morning full of the best kind of simple fun.

No pressures. No worries. Just pancakes and a little Netflix. 🙂

What are some simple ways you make family memories?

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