Steady Week at Home: June 2011

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This week was a wonderful steady week at home. Here’s a rundown of some of the stuff we did. I think every week at home is a gift.

  • *Finished reading “My Side of the Mountain” and completed copywork/notebook page for it, plus all of our normal school work.
  • *Jumped on the trampoline – everyday!


Capture*Gabriel and I walked for an hour most days while the older children did their jumping. It was a very simple practice of walking from the back fence in the field, to our van in the driveway. We counted every time we reached our destination.  This picture is of Gaby saying “twelve” and touching the fence.


  • * We did yard work as a family.  Travis moved one of our benches to our shady tire swing tree.  It’s a new favorite.
  • Capture
  • *The lilies are blooming wildly everywhere.  Love it!
  • *Played a 6-hour game of Monopoly that stretched over two days.
  • *Gave the house a good scrubbing {a cleaning behind the couches kind of scrubbing}
  • *Caught frogs, crayfish and butterflies.




  • *Started this practice from Ann Voskamp after meal time—powerful!  We’ve always read the bible together, but the way she presents this practice after every meal was convicting. I love a good, toe-stepping, conviction.
  • *Made finger puppets
  • *Snuggled on a rainy day, watched the Raging Planet Science series and, something new, more family reading.
  • *Played Rummy, Chess and Number matching games.
  • *Filled another 39-gallon trash bag of stuff in my fight against clutter.  I think I’m winning, although, summer birthdays are coming.


*Played Wii with the kids.  Mario-Kart racing to be exact.

*Liam is getting his first tooth and started on baby applesauce {sigh}

* And lots of the tire swing.

How was your week?

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