How I’ve Saved Thousands on Homeschool Curriculum

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How I’ve Saved Thousands on Homeschool Curriculum

Over the last decade I’ve saved thousands on homeschooling curriculum by checking for homeschool deals, working used curriculum sales, waiting before I purchase (as I mentioned in my How to Homeschool When You Can Hardly Afford It post), and more.

In this video I shared that I bought the Sonlight Core D + Sonlight Science, an over $800 value, for $350 used. I signed my son up for this website to help him speak better. I found this used homeschool curriculum in the Sonlight Used Curriculum Facebook group. I received this shipment with no hiccups. You can find curriculum selling, swapping, and info groups on just about any curriculum you’re interested in.

How I’ve Saved Thousands on Homeschool Curriculum


My gently used Sonlight Core D + Science and additional resources

I also bought Sonlight Core 100, an over $800 value, for $575 including shipping, through eBay.  If I would have worked it a little harder I feel I could have snagged this set for around $400. However, I’d also lost a few eBay lots and honestly I was pushing to get what I needed so I could start pulling together our full 2015-2016 homeschool plans. (I will share my upcoming 2015-2016 homeschool plan in another post.)

As with ordering anything online I ran into a rare snafu with my eBay delivery through FedEx. However, FedEx worked hard to find my package and make it right. They prevented a large scale homeschool mom fit, ha!

I mention eBay’s Buyer Protection Programs in my video. This gave me peace while I waited for my $575 package of homeschool middle school/highschool goodness to be found.

Buying Used Homeschool Curriculum 

My friend Connie from SmockityFrocks.com has a list of Where to Buy Used Homeschool Curriculum. You will also find Used Homechool Curriculum Sources on The Homeschool Mom. More Used Homeschool Curriculum ideas and links are available on A2ZHomeshcooling (the very FIRST homeschool site I ever started using back in 2004!) Pioneer Woman helps answer the question, Where are the Best Places to Buy Used Homeschool Curriculum? here. And lastly, Pyscho with 6 shares The Best Places to Buy, Borrow, Sell, or Donate Used Homeschool Curriculum.

Amazon – There is homeschool curriculum and resources listed on Amazon. I use Amazon to price check homeschool items and snag deals like when my favorite homeschool laminator was marked down. I also like to purchase speciality homeschool curriculum items like  Grammar Ace that I just picked up for my boys to review. In a situation like Grammar Ace, I couldn’t find a good value used so I purchased brand new through Amazon. 

Facebook Groups – There’s a lot of used homeschool curriculum buying and selling that occurs in Facebook groups. Be sure to read the groups rules and safe practices. Here are a few groups that I’ve found helpful: Used Homeschool Curriculum, Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum USED books Sell/Swap/Share, Homeschool Used Curriculum SwapUsed Charlotte Mason Items For Sale.

eBay and Half.com are both great sites to check for homeschool curriculum deals

State Homeschool Conventions like HEAV – don’t miss checking out your local state homeschool conventions.  My state convention is Home Educators Association of Virginia.  I get breathless and slightly hysterical when I walk into their huge used curriculum sale.

Used Homeschool Curriculum

You can see What I Bought at the Used Curriculum Sale.


Homeschool Sales and Coupon Codes

The sites listed below are ones that I always check for homeschool sales and coupon codes. Of course I post the most recent homeschool specials from all around the internet on FHD.

Currclick – Currclick.com offers digital homeschool curriculum for 30% off or more. Plus Currclick hosts online homeschool courses, events, clubs (yes, some very cool homeschool clubs!), and a slew of ever-changing homeschooling specials.

Educents – Educents.com is a long-time sponsor of my FHD site so I’ve come to know a lot of their offers. Think of Educents as a Groupon for homeschoolers. Daily Educents offers flash curriculum deals and coupon codes.

Christian Book Distributors – I’ve talked to some homeschool moms who didn’t realize that Christian Book Distributors offers a Homeschool Deal of the Week! The weekly homeschool deals vary. I’ve seen some nice offers and homeschool specials through CBD in the past. Definitely keep them on your list to check!

Homeschool Buyers Co-op – Homeschool Buyers Co-op offers large group buys on name brand homeschool curriculum and educational products. You can join for free and also have access to HSBC’s exclusive homeschool freebies.

Homeschool Freebies and More Blessings!

I can’t get enough homeschool freebies. And while we’re not going to talk homeschool freebie goodness here on JamerrillStewart.com all day, every day (that’s what FreeHomeschoolDeals.com is for) it’s going to come up in our conversations. Homeschool freebies can be creatively worked to design your own free homeschool curriculum.

You can also utilize homeschool freebies to supplement your current studies. Check MoneySavingMom.com each week for a current list of Free Homeschool Curriculum and Resources!

Homeschool Creations hosts an annual Used Homeschool Curriculum “Clean Out,”  in which many bloggers participate and give away (“clean out”) their homeschool curriculum. From the site: “This isn’t a sale, but a way to bless another family with an item {or items} that could use a new home.” Thanks Jolanthe!

Local Homeschool Group

We usually have a “Paying it Forward” table at our homeschool group meetings. It’s here where moms can bring a box of whatever they’d like to pass on. If your homeschool group doesn’t already do this, this is a great way to pass on the blessings to those who need them.


Used Homeschool Curriculum Haul


Used Homeschool Curriculum Haul Video

Today I’m sharing my recent used homeschool curriculum haul on YouTube. I also share a quick tour of our simple homeschool workbox system, a peek at some updates in our homeschool room, a light overview of my homeschool plans for the 2015-2016 homeschool year. Plus I share a few more thoughts on some homeschooling FAQs that I’ve received.

Also mentioned in the video:

So friends, these are some of the ways I’ve saved thousands on homeschool curriculum and resources over the years. What additional savings tips do you have for our reading and viewing friends?

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