Using Chatbooks to Preserve Family Photo Memories

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How I’m Trying Chatbooks to Preserve Family Photo Memories

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Click here to watch my full video How I’m Using ChatBooks to Stay Caught Up on Preserving Family Memories!

Chatbooks Review & Thoughts

Family picture albums have always been important to me. I love flipping through the pages and remembering when with my children. In this digital age there’s a big part of me that still loves paper. After I shared my video on Organizing the Picture Book Shelf in Our Non-Pinterest Homeschool Room I had a viewing friend suggest that I look into a program called Chatbooks.

Staying caught up on family pictures

I’m always up for ways to attempt to stay caught up on important family pictures. I quickly found  Chatbooks is a way to do just that! I downloaded the free Chatbooks app for my iPhone and linked my Instagram account. I had several years worth of special Instagram photos that Chatbooks pulled into 16 volumes. Each 6×6 book is 60-pages each. I had a photo budget set aside and decided getting 16 photo books from Chatbooks was a worthy investment.

Free Chatbooks App

Using the free Chatbooks app I was able to pick the cover for each chronological album. I could also edit each album and unselect any pictures that I did not want included. For $6 each with free shipping (that first order was a biggie – $96! – you can choose to just get one photo book at a time or customize your order more specifically) I was very pleased when I received my large chatbooks order.  Since my first “catch up” order I’ve received one additional volume.

When it’s time for a new Chatbooks order

I’ve customized my Chatbooks account to receive one new volume every time I’ve shared 60 new pictures on Instagram. This should take me about 6 to 8-weeks. Chatbooks sends me an email with a notification that I have 3-days to edit my newest family photo book. I click through the email and make any necessary edits and click accept. Then my next Chatbooks volume is shipped to me for $6 and free shipping.

Chatbooks Review Video

Click here to watch my quick Chatbooks review How I’m Using ChatBooks to Stay Caught Up on Preserving Family Memories. Baby Daniel is ready to eat in this video so we cut is short. You at least get to see the inside of some of the Chatbooks.

There are more and more social based photo album systems starting each day it seems. Have you had success with any in particular?  Share what has worked for you in the comments in in the video comments.

>>> Get the free app Chatbooks : 60-page photo books for $6 – JustFamily

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