You are a GOOD Momma.

You love your kiddos so much it feels like your heart could just burst out of your chest.

AND you also have YouTube Creator Hopes & Dreams!!

Meet Your YouTube Mentor & Mompreneur Extraordinaire:

It's me, Jamerrill!

I’m so glad you’re here! You may know me from the many years I’ve been sharing on YouTube with my Big Batch Cooking, Massive Freezer Meals, Mega Canning and Real Life Momma lifestyle with many extra adventures together as time has marched on! 

You may not know that in 2012 I started (and in 2018 sold) another online business several years before I started on YouTube. I then took YouTube as a part-time gentle hobby and grew it into a mega success over the years that has by far out produced my prior successful online business. Join me for my brand new course, YouTuber Extraordinaire, where I’m teaching you what I have learned over the years about growing a successful YouTube channel and so much mega lots more!! 

Let me help you launch your own YouTube dreams while raising your family!

In my Successful Business Momma: YouTuber Extraordinaire Course, you’ll receive mega & lots of resources to help you brainstorm your YouTube Creator hopes & dreams and learn the practical skills needed to launch your own channel with excellence and confidence!! 

Every epic adventure starts with that first little step. Picture yourself as a Successful Creator and your future self will thank you for getting started today!! 

YouTuber Extraordinaire is a 6-Week Course taught by me, Jamerrill Stewart!! You will receive access to new weekly videos from me teaching all about YouTube, PDF downloads, + so much mega and good YouTube learning and fun!

What will you learn in Successful Business Momma: YouTuber Extraordinaire?

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have full confidence in the value of this YouTube course but if it isn’t the right fit for you, you have 14 days from your date of purchase to request a full refund. *You may do so by signing into your Teachable account OR you may email JamerrillCustomerService@gmail.com for assistance. 

When you enroll in the YouTuber Extraordinaire Course, you will want to make sure you’ve opted in to receiving emails from Jamerrill. *This is not my mainstream newsletter email list.* By opting in to receive these emails, you’ll get your live call reminders and notices that new course content is released!! 

Yes. There is a one-time enrollment fee for the course and then YouTuber Extraordinaire is yours forever. {As long as the platform Teachable remains active!}

YouTuber Extraordinaire of the Successful Business Momma Course Suite results and the results you’ll see from testimonials on this page are not typical. These testimonials are from personal experiences and should not be considered as any guarantee. I want nothing more than for all of my students to succeed to their best abilities. Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee that each student will actually do the work necessary to be successful in YouTube and beyond. YouTuber Extraordinaire of the Successful Business Momma Course Suite doesn’t guarantee anything. 


If you have any other questions that are not covered here, just email JamerrillCustomerService@gmail.com – Thanks!

“Jamerrill’s first hand knowledge of growing a successful YouTube business while still being a hands-on mama has been a tremendous encouragement to me. She has been my YouTube mentor as I have grown my channel into a full time income for myself and my family. Her gentle encouragement and inspiration have been pivotal to my success.” Sharla From Freezer Meals 101 on YouTube 

What will you learn in Successful Business Momma: YouTuber Extraordinaire?!

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