Homemade Chili and Printable Recipe

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Today I’m sharing my recipe and cost-break-down of¬†Stewart-Size Chili. ¬†Two weekends each month I make a stock pot full of this meaty-veggie-goodness. It goes a long way, and is one of our family’s favorite meals!

Now it’s time for homeschool math. ¬†Are you ready mom?

¬†{Don’t worry, I’m sitting here with my calculator.}


¬†The total cost to make our chili is approx $15, ¬†we enjoy 6 meals over 3 days–Friday night dinner through Monday lunch.

$15 /6 meals = $2.50 per meal / 6 people eating = $0.41 per person/per meal ūüôā

– Here’s the recipe –

Homemade Chile Printable Recipe

Stewart Chili

**Let me add this is a large recipe and I have a 20 Qt stock pot. ¬†You may want to cut it in 1/2 for your family. ¬†Also, the 3 cups rice is 1 cup of uncooked rice as one reader has pointed out. ¬†Sorry folks, it’s hard to put what is in my stock pot into recipe form, but we’ll get there!**

 I always serve the chili with crackers or corn bread.  Some of us like to decorate our dinner with sour cream and/or shredded cheese too.

 Additional Ways To Serve Chili:

  • Over baked potatoes
  • Over noodles {my personal favorite}
  • Over Nacho chips
  • In a Chili Corn Bread Bake {YUM}
  • Chili Sandwich {I had to included this. ¬†Our 2-year-old loves to make “Chili¬†Sandwiches.”}

¬†**You can also find me today at Heart of the Matter Online, sharing some tips for new homeschoolers! ¬†HELP, I’m Homeschooling…Now What?”

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