Freezer Friendly Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: Freezer Meal Sandwiches

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Freezer Friendly Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: Freezer Meal Sandwiches

It may sound odd. It may sound like a stroke of genius. Have you ever thought about prepping and stashing cheese sandwiches in your freezer? Why would someone do such a thing? Oh, there are reasons, lots and lots of real-life reasons.

A recent frozen cheese sandwich story from my life: the kids and I had just returned from an hour hike in our wilderness. We were hungry and ready for lunch. We also needed to hit our homeschool reading stacks and spread out other lessons. Lunchtime is always a big transition time around here since we do most of our homeschooling in the afternoons and early evenings. That morning I tossed about a 16 frozen cheese sandwiches in the refrigerator. Once we returned from our hike, and I helped other kiddos get school books ready, I had my 14-year-old son plug in our griddles and get to work grilling the cheese sandwiches. A miracle of miracles those cheese sandwiches make fantastic grilled cheese.

These freezer-friendly grilled cheese sandwiches are just as simple and easy as the freezer peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I’m always thankful for freezer sandwiches. I hand out fruit choices to the kids along with the grilled cheese sandwich and we call it lunch. 🙂

Freezer Friendly Grilled Cheese Sandwiches: Freezer Meal Sandwiches

  • Use two slices of bread and two slices of cheese. You can also add a slice of lunch meat to them like ham or turkey.
  • Freeze each sandwich in a sandwich bag. Since we usually do 100+ PBJs and 100+ Cheese Sandwiches, I’ll have one of the kids mark “GC” on the cheese sandwich baggies.
  • On the day we need them I set a dozen or so out in the refrigerator. They may not be 100% defrosted by lunchtime, but they grill up wonderfully!
  • Cooked cheese sandwich as you would a non-pre-frozen cheese sandwich. We do ours on medium heat on our griddles for about 3-4 minutes per side. Griddle temperatures and times can vary. We have a two-year-old griddle and a brand new griddle. Sandwiches cook faster on our newer appliance.

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