How to Save Money on Clothing for Kids + Large Family Thrift Store Clothing Haul

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Large Family Thrift Store Clothing Haul

This post contains my referral link which helps support the work of this site. Here’s my full disclosure policy.Large Family Thrift Store Clothing Haul Watch the full video of My Large Family Thrift Store Clothing Haul {+ How to Save Money on Clothes for Kids!}

How to Save Money on Clothing for Kids

Every early spring and fall I find several family members in need of new clothing items. Most of us will need new shoes during those times of year as well.

This is a picture of my Thrift Store raid last fall. I found an entire new maternity wardrobe (it looked as though a professionally working mom turned in her entire Motherhood Maturity wardrobe), and lots of new dresses, sweaters, and pants for Amelia and Naomi. 

One strategy that I like to use to save money on clothes for kids is to hit some of my favorite local thrift stores. I can usually find a good number of the clothing items I’m looking for secondhand. I combine these savings with also working the seasonal clothing sales throughout the year, saving hand-me-downs for the children, and various online savings sites like Zulily.com.

Shopping at the thrift store first, before using any additional clothing  savings  strategy, is my number one clothing money-saver!

My Large Family Thrift Store Clothing Haul

Last week we took a day to attack a local thrift store. I was able to find 42 new-to-us articles of clothing for the kids. My grand total came in right at $102. As you’ll see in the video, I was able to find a bunch of great deals including 5 like-new themed pajama sets for my little boys which included LEGO Star Wars, Angry Birds, and Robots. I also picked up 10 new pairs of shorts and 7 new t-shirts for these busy fellas.

Watch the Video!

My eight-year-old daughter found 3 new-to-her dresses and 10 t-shirts. I even picked up a few additional outfit sets for baby Daniel, even though he doesn’t need a thing. I have another friend getting ready to have a baby boy who I can pass these outfits on to since Daniel will barely wear them.

Amelia and I in our frugal wardrobe. Her cute matching sweater outfit was $2 at a yard sale. My outfit came from the thrift store. I added in my scarf and earrings for free from Zulily.com credit!

Because I saved so much at the thrift store, we then went to Target and loaded up on sandals for every family member. Target had a buy one get one 30% off sale on sandals, so some pairs even came in at under $4. The kids will wear these brand new sandals for “going out,” and wear a hand-me-down pair from an older sibling, or a gently-used pair from the thrift store, for country outdoor play.

Efficiently Utilizing Hand-Me-Downs

Of course we save hand-me-downs around here. Since we have seven children and we’ve been at this hand-me-down thing for quite a few years there are a few things I’ve noticed.

This picture is from right before baby Daniel was born. I had dumped out to wash my hand-me-down collection of baby boy clothing for ages newborn up to 18-months. 

Even with using the old-fashioned hand-me-down clothing system, there are still clothing items that need to be purchased at least twice a year for every family member. Plus, we’re pretty fancy and buy underwear and swim suits new. 😉

I mentioned in the video once a set of clothing reaches the third or fourth child, those clothes are usually in “play clothing condition.” I then work my Thrift Store/Online Sale system to acquire newer clothes for that particular child.

Naomi showing off her new thrift store treasures: sunglasses, necklace, hat, and purse!

Additional ways to save money on clothes for kids:

This post contains my referral link which helps support the work of this site. Here’s my full disclosure policy.

Zulily.com: Zulily has fun specialty clothing items for kids. I was able to use Zulily store credit to purchase three Minecraft themed t-shirts for Zion’s 11th birthday for free! You can earn free Zulily.com store credit by simply referring friends to Zulily.com. They find a new online savings source for children’s clothing, and you receive a $15 credit for your next purchase when their first order ships.

Right now I have about $47 in free Zulily credit. I’m just letting it sit there to add up. Once Zulily has additional clothing items I’m interested in (or even something for myself!) I’ll be able to get it for free! Zulily.com also offers educational items and holiday savings.

Host a clothing swap with friends

This is a fun way to really add up the savings! Gather up a large trash bag full of gently-used clothing. Ask a few of your close friends to do the same. Host your friends for a free clothing swap right at your kitchen table!

You and your friends can “shop” from each other’s clothing contributions. This is a win-win for everyone. You’re able to clear out clothes that no longer serve a purpose in your family. Additionally, you’re able to add several new-to-you items that you can put into use immediately. The only rule is everyone must take the unchosen clothes they brought back home once the clothing swap is over. I like to do this with my friends when we have a large group play day!

Don’t be shy to ask online!

When my oldest desperately needed pants, I first posted online and asked my friends if anyone was currently weeding out those particular sizes. A mom from my church, who I didn’t really know too well, gave me several bags full of the exact size that he needed. Not only was he blessed with pants, he got an entire new wardrobe. These were all from a one-child household, and a child who went to public school no less, so my oldest son was very stylish for a season, ha!

We’re hard on clothes around here! We love country living.

Simply posting the sizes of the items you’re looking for on Facebook many times will result in someone messaging you to let you know they have those sizes for free. It’s not a “poor mouth” thing. It’s wise and makes sense to save where you can and get the best mileage out of kids clothing. We feel that when we save on clothing items, that gives us more money in our budget for other areas in life like frugal family vacations and birthday fun!

I have another friend who posts pictures in a photo album on Facebook of gently-used, good condition clothing that she sells for very little. And another friend will post pictures of her used clothing each season for any of her friends to come by her house and pick up for free. Moms are resourceful!

Yard sale/garage sales

I mentioned in the video that I haven’t hit any yard sales for seasonal clothing. Sorry, I totally forgot until now that last fall I hit a yard sale in October. I was able to get Amelia and Naomi several new-to-them complete outfits for under $40!

My last yard sale clothing haul!  It included many name brand items and even a cute Gap rain coat for Amelia. Several new outfits for both girls. Came in right under $40!

More Sites to Save on Clothes Online

There always seems to be new stores popping up online to offer a new twist on savings. One of those is 11 Main. At the time of this posting you can take 20% off of your first order!

FabKids has a special 50% off your first FabKids Outfit order. The also have a free shipping and exchanges offer.

Be sure to check Amazon for online savings on clothing. Just the other week I saw a large end-of-season name brand jacket sale. I’ve found mark downs on Kids PJs ($2 a set), and more. It’s always a good idea to check Amazon’s deal of the day to find the best deals. I look every day since I never know what I’m going to find.

Here’s an offer for 5 free pairs of baby leggings, and two free belly button bands for maternity pants (these are really helpful!). You’ll have shipping for either of those offers but it’s worth it!

Those are just a few ways to save money on children’s clothing. Be sure to share in the comments additional ways that you save too! Don’t miss my full video on My Large Family Thrift Store Clothing Haul {+ How to Save Money on Clothes for Kids!}

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