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Jamerill’s New Large Capacity Home Freeze Dryer

Have you seen the big news? There’s a new member to the Jamerrill Large Family Table Family! I want to introduce you to the Harvest Right Large Freeze Dryer, my brand new large capacity home freeze dryer.

Jamerrill's Large Capacity Freeze Dryer

New Large Capacity Home Freeze Dryer

This newest member of my Large Family Table is here to help me do all of the things the best way possible. So many of you have been asking me all of the questions. I thought I’d officially give you all of the info in a simple post breaking everything down from homesteading journey, to actually purchasing one..

To check out their website for more info, here’s my affiliate links.

Our Journey to Buying a Freeze Dryer

The vision on why to buy a freeze dryer begins a long time ago. Over 15 years ago, I had a mini homestead for 10 years at our farmhouse on 2 acres. During those years I also had several babies and a very small budget.

The little kids and I were able to throw discount plants in the ground. Since it was old fertile farmland, and with heaps of the Lord’s mercy, we were able to grow wagons full of homegrown produce. I was still gently learning about canning during those years.

I canned gallons of food like berries, jellies, and pickles. I was continuing to learn different food preservation methods and bulk cooking all of my meat up front at the beginning of the month to freeze for easy meals later. I raised several flocks of chickens and the kids gathered their eggs.

I had bigger homestead dreams, but with homeschooling and life, I wasn’t sure how or when we’d get into anything deeper. Then enter in two moves and the pandemic. Since we had a new property and lots of time it seemed like the perfect season to dig in and dig up many of my long ago homestead dreams.

We became sudden homesteaders just like a lot of you. I was free to garden to my heart’s content in my new soil at our new home. With this experience, I was learning more about how to can our harvest, raise meat birds and butcher our own meat, milk goats and having so many fun adventures in the process!

Adding a new freeze dryer to our homestead and creating home freeze-dried foods from all kinds of food was just the next step in our journey.

Why did I choose a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer?

Our harvest from our homestead was increasing and I was finding myself preserving more of our own food. When Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryers contacted me to do a review of their products, I was super excited! They offered me a few different options.

One option was that I could get one for free if I did a some product endorsements for them. The other option I had was that I could purchase one and give them a review. Ya’ll know that I am mega careful about putting my name to any product, so I decided to buy one and try it out first.

I am so glad that I made this purchase, let me tell you! Mr. Travis set up my station for me and I keep my Harvest Right Freeze Dryer running almost non-stop! I am 100% sold on using the freeze drying process to preserve pounds of fresh food for me and my family.

I am so glad I invested in the Large Capacity Harvest Right. I read through so many reviews prior to purchase and the most common statement was people regretting not starting off with the larger size!

This large capacity really lets me keep on top of my food preservation and storage with the most minimal effort. It’s such a game changer that my only regret is that I waited so long to make the investment.

What is a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer? How does it work?

The Harvest Right Freeze Dryer is a machine that allows you to preserve your own food (garden grown or store bought) for 20 plus years on your shelf! There’s no need to can or freeze in a freezer.

The food that is freeze dried by this machine has a very long shelf life and will keep on your shelf for over 20 years. If you’ve ever heard of astronaut ice cream, you have a great idea of what this is all about.

Freeze drying is a patented smart freeze process that removes 98% of all of the moisture from food. It works by first bringing the food down to freezing, then places it all under a vacuum to remove all of the moisture.

When it does this, all of the ice goes directly from a solid ice particle into a water vapor. Because of this process, the food that is preserved in a freeze dryer keeps nearly 100% of all of it’s nutrients for weeks, months, and even decades.

What are the Benefits of Freeze Drying Food?

The benefits of using a home freeze dryer are almost countless and the reasons that you purchase yours are sure to be specific to your family’s needs.

  • Nutritious – Freeze drying food is the absolute best way to preserve the nutrition locked into the food. It does a better job of preserving the character of the food and it’s nutritional value than any method of canning or dehydrating.
  • Healthy – ‚ÄčMany store bought dried products have added high-fructose corn syrup or sodium nitrate to the list of ingredients. when you dry your own food, there are no added ingredients¬†
  • Convenient – Once the food is freeze dried, it can be used in future meals by adding water. Just add water (either hot or cold) and wait while the food rehydrates.
  • Saves Food Waste – This means that you can use yours when you make double meals, freeze drying the extra portions of leftover meals for another day.
  • Saves Space for Food Storage – The food that you freeze dry, dries into small pieces which saves a lot of space. You can store them in mylar bags or mason jars with oxygen absorbers and store so much more food.
  • Easy Preparedness Tool – With so many people today concerned about long term preparedness for themselves and their families, a freeze dryer is a simple, common sense solution for your home use.

Extends the Shelf Life

A freeze dryer enables you to extend the shelf life of various foods from a matter of days or weeks to years or even decades. Freeze dried food has long been a staple of mountaineering and hunting. But it is only in recent years that it has begun to receive more widespread attention.

You can freeze dry not only food from the garden, but you can freeze dry dairy products and also meals you’ve already cooked! This preserves almost 100% of the nutrition of the food and all of the original flavor, plus he food tastes great.

How does a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Save Money?

Freeze-dried products from the grocery store are so expensive. Have you ever purchased a tiny bag of freeze-dried fruit? Freeze drying food with the Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer will save you so much money.

In the last few years it seems like everyone has taken up gardening! There’s such a large resurgence of growing our own food and all of the fun it creates for our family.

So much joy can be found in growing the things and harvest time can easily be compared to opening a present! Also in the last few years, it’s easy to say that we’ve all seen changes in the way we can get food to feed our families.

As parents, there’s a wonderful security in knowing that we can easily and safely fill our pantry with healthy food for everyone. The Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer gives the gift of knowing that your pantry is full of foods that are as safe and nutritious as the day you preserved them.

It is worth the cost for any family who might want to preserve large quantities of a wide variety of foods that that are shelf stable.

Even on the short term, the snacks you can have are yummy and so much fun! You can freeze dry your favorite food and even fruity candy, gummies, cheese cake bites and ice cream! It is a great way create some fun snacks for around the family table.

How long does a freeze dryer last?

One of the better parts of this investment for me was the fact that the Harvest Right Home Freeze Dryer is built to last indefinitely with regular maintenance. The maintenance is easy and done at regular intervals so it really feels as if it’s nothing. It’s just designed to be easy.

There’s nothing overly complicated in the design because Harvest Right built this for every day home use. Because of this, they offer full customer service support that is a pleasure to work with!

Can I Use the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer in my Home?

The short answer? Yes you can! Here is the first video I made where I show you my set up in my home and how I’m using it currently.

While I will still use other ‚Äčmethods of preservation to can some of my garden harvest, I’ll also be using my Harvest Right Freeze Dryer for all of my family’s long term and emergency food supply from now on.


Watch me preserve a massive amount of food with my Harvest Right Freeze Dryer. 


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