Homemade Christmas Candy Jar Ornaments Craft

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Today I present the last ornament in the Christmas Crafts for Kids series. I have certainly saved the best for last! These candy jar ornaments are an excellent way to add a fun treat to your Christmas tree. Kids, young and old, will certainly appreciate being sent to the tree to pick out an ornament filled with fun treats. I know I would!

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These ornaments are super easy to make. You could get them done and on the tree in less than an hour. This is an excellent activity to put an older child in charge of with the little people, so you can get some wrapping done. All mamas need to multitask sometimes not just large family mamas. Yes and amen.

Gather all your materials in one spot. Take the corks out of the bottles. Add a screw eye to the center of each cork. Fill the jars with the small candy of your choosing. You don’t have to use the same candy for each one. If it fits in the opening then you can fill the jar with it. M&M, Mike and Ike, and Skittles are perfect. Press the cork with the screw eye attached firmly back on the jar. Add a decorative ribbon then hang on the tree.


Homemade Christmas Candy Jar Ornaments

  • Author: Jamerrill Stewart


Looking for a fun way to add treats to your Christmas tree? These candy jar ornaments are sure to make your kids squeal.


  • glass bottles with cork
  • decorative ribbon
  • various hard candies
  • screw eyes


  1. Remove corks from bottles.
  2. Ā Attach a screw eye to the center of each cork lid.
  3. Ā Pour candies into each jar.Ā 
  4. Ā Reattach the cork lid with the screw eye attached. Press firmly.
  5. Ā Use the decorative ribbon to tie a bow around each bottle.


  • You might be able to find jar ornaments with the screw eye already attached at craft stores.
  • If you aren’t eating the candy inside, you could hot glue the cork to the jar to be sure it remains together.

These make such a cute addition to any tree or as a package tie on. Your kids will have such a fun time making these while eating the leftovers. It would be a great way to keep kids occupied while you did your Advent reading. We all know busy hands make the reading go smoother. You will get cool mom points as a Christmas bonus.

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