Dish Drainer Book Storage for Homeschool

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Dish Drainer Book Storage

I shared a picture of two of my kiddos at our homeschool room table this morning.  My friend Sherri thought that my  dish drainer book storage was a great idea.  I *think* I saw the idea on Pinterest.  If I did, I can’t find it now.  (If you have an old post about dish drainer book storage let me know and I’ll link to you :))

I bought two dish drainers at The Dollar General for $2 marked down.  It’s as simple as lining up two drainers side-by-side and filling them with your books.  You can tell by my stack growing at the end, I may need to add a third drainer – ha!

Here are more dish drainer deals that would work well for homeschool organization. There’s the  Rubbermaid Antimicrobial Dish Drainer and the Bamboo Folding Dishrack.  It’s also a good item to keep your eyes open for at yardsales and flea-markets!

Here’s a picture of our dish drainers in action.

Please excuse all my massive books and overflowing workboxes in the background.

We’re learning here. 😉

Dish Drainer Book Organization

In our dish drainer we keep our daily Bibles, current homeschool read alouds, and I leave several mental stimulating books in there as well.  I switch those out often.

Here is a picture of Sherri‘s dish drainer book storage. Be sure to check out the tour of her homeschool room.

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