Hair and Make-Up Routine on a Budget

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Hair and Make-Up Routine on a Budget

Budget Hair and Makeup Routine

I’m starting a Q&A series on my YouTube Vlogging channel. One of the questions that I’ve received from several ladies was asking about my hair and make-up routines. My hair care costs me around $25-$30 a month. My makeup runs around $40 every 3-months or so. 

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Hair/Make-Up Questions from YouTube Friends:

 Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 7.29.48 PM

Hair/Make-Up Questions from Instagram:


(some of these questions are multiples and I hope to cover them all by the end)

Hair/Make-Up Questions from Facebook:

Hair Routine Video

Hair Routine on a Budget

You can click here to watch my Hair Routine on a Budget Video. Don’t be scared. I have super, crazy, hair. It’s pretty much a frizzy mess in the morning. By brushing through my trusty Anti-frizz Serum I’m able to do something with it.

Budget Hair Products I Use Daily:

My DIY haircolor-in-a-box and cutting my own hair

I also mention in the video that I use Superior Preference Les Blondissimes LB01 Extra Light Ash Blonde, to color my hair every 4-weeks.  My biggest and **most important** beauty tip for coloring your own hair is to NOT pull the hair color all the way through each time. I only color my roots.

Also here is one of the YouTube tutorials that I watch to cut my own long hair layers. I watch it every time to freshen up my skills. 😉

Shampooing and Conditioning

Another routine that I forgot to mention in the video is I wash my hair about 3 times a week. I use TRESemme Vitamin E Luxurious Moisture Shampoo and TRESemme Conditioner Luxurious Moisture.  After I’m done with my shower I put another squirt of hair conditioner in my hair that I do not wash out. I comb it through my hair. This gives my hair extra protection from heat styling, in my opinion.

Make-Up Routine on a Budget Video

make up routine on a budget

Next I have my Makeup Routine on a Budget video. Don’t be scared with these clips either. 🙂

Budget Make-Up Products I Use Daily:

Face Fondation  

Eye Makeup


Since I’m asked often about lipgloss I included a few of my favorites below


Night Cream and Lotions I Use:

So these are several of the inexpensive hair and beauty products that I use and routines I have in place to keep myself feeling human. 🙂 What are your beauty secrets on a budget?

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