April Fool’s Day Recipe For Kids: April Fool’s Pot Pie

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April Fool’s Day Recipe For Kids

April Fools Recipes Pot Pie

If you’re looking to earn fun mom points on April Fool’s Day here’s a great April Fool’s Day recipe for kids that is sure to be memorable! But this seemingly chicken pot pie recipe isn’t as it appears. Oh no, your kids won’t find chunks of chicken or sweet green peas on their fork. Instead, they’ll be dishing in banana pudding, bananas, and jolly ranchers! The complete recipe for April Fool’s Day silliness at your house is listed below.

And why participate in April Fool’s Day? Well, I don’t always get around to it at my house. But my dear friend Jo at Lasting Thumbprints talks a lot about having family fun and making memories every day. I thought this April Fool’s Day recipe would certainly make a lasting impression! (And if you’re interested in more family fun Jo has a free easy family activities pack for the entire year that I love.) 

April Fool’s Day Pot Pie Recipe


April Fools Recipes for Kids Ingredients

— 1 pkg. Vanilla Pudding
— 1 pkg. Graham Ready Mini Pie Crust
— Bananas
— Fruit Chews, orange and green

April Fool’s Day Recipe Directions

April Fools Day Recipes

1. Prepare pudding according to package directions.
2. Cut bananas into small pieces to be used as the “chicken.”

Recipes for April Fool's Day
3. Cut the fruit chews into small pieces. Roll the green pieces into small balls for the “peas” and form the orange pieces into small squares for the “carrots.”
4. Spoon the pudding into the pie shells until almost full and add on some of each of the “veggies” and “chicken.”

Family April Fools Day Recipes
5. Put a little bit more pudding on top to make it look mixed in well.
6. All ready to fool your friends and family!

April Fool's Day Recipes for Families and Kids

And there you have it, a fun spin on April Fool’s Day wackiness that even a large family mom like myself could pull off. You don’t have to save this recipe just for April Fool’s Day. The kids would most likely enjoy making this silly treat for their friends and even birthday party fun! Let me know if you try this April Fool’s Day recipe for kids and how your family likes it in the comments below!

Kids April Fool's Day Recipes

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